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If 'Madam' is how you address a woman in a high position, should a Goddess be addressed as 'Goddam' ?

Asked by Yellowdog (6037points) June 24th, 2018

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Only if you address a god as “Mad”.

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“Madam” corresponds to “sir,” so you wouldn’t call a goddess “madam” or any variation on it unless you would call a god “sir” or some variation on that. Usually, a god is referred to as someone’s “lord,” which means a goddess would be their “lady.”

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Only if it was spelled Madamn.

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I guess pseudo-swearing must be really funny to you.

It’s ok. You can say “damn” if you want. It doesn’t actually work as a magic word.

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Father gives life and mother gives birth. If God (father) is the creator of all humans, then you can call Goddess as Mother.

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Question like this shows you’re good with words. I would suggest to use it for constructing words having positive vibes / meaning.

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