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Can you get bed bugs from rolling in the grass?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19436points) June 24th, 2018

Years ago I got bed bugs and I was wondering where I got them? I laid down on the grass in my front yard.

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Bed bugs or fleas? You can definitely get fleas and other bugs from lying outdoors, and then get them in your bed by going there after.

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@Zaku My landlord at the time said that they were bed bugs. They bit me frequently. I moved away and am fine now.

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You won’t get bed bugs from lying down on grass, Some other kind of biting insect perhaps but bed bugs are very specialised pests. Are you sure they were bed bugs?

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@flutherother No I’m not sure. They were bugs in my bed. Landlord said that they were bed bugs. The residents kept a stray cat in my bed room while I was gone. left purple and red bite marks in my body.

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The bugs in your bed may have been bed bugs. They were probably left by a previous tenant. They are horrible things and hard to get rid of. They can transfer from apartment to apartment in your luggage.

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Chances are low but not impossible. More possible way is you went to some place which was infested with bugs or met someone who had bugs on his body / clothes. They hide at places where you can’t see them easily and they are so tiny. On grass it is possible only if someone having bed bugs on his body was there before you sat on the grass.

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