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Dyson vacuums - are they worth the extra money?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 18th, 2008

(Not looking for answers like “They suck!”)

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I have never tried one, but Consumer Reports isn’t so high on them the last I looked. I’ll try to post a link but I think you need to be a CR member (which is worth the money, if you ask me.)

Edit: Seems they like them better then the last time I looked, but it depends on the model.

I just looked at CR and they are doing a report in October on the new Dyson DC 24.

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Yeah, that. They’re also heavy and hard to maneuver. As regards CR, though; I bought their top-rated Hoover Wind Tunnel Self Propelled model a few years ago, and it was a major disappointment. It is very heavy; the self-propel feature is disconcerting, and I’ve burned up two belts on the thing from the fringe at the edge of a big throw rug we have in our family room.

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I have heard (so this isn’t admissible in court) that they suck, but not the way you want them too!

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@Rex: I agree about some top rated stuff not living up to expectations, but for the most part I respect their recommendations. Or, more accurate, I look out for the stuff they don’t recommend.

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well mine is great. It’s 15 years old and works perfectly. Broke once but dyson sent someone out to fix it.

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I completely love mine. We waited to get one of those “30% off any one item” coupons in the mail and bought it then. My daughter bought one when she moved out because she missed using our “good vacuum”.

I will say that I don’t think all the strange other attachment packages are worth it, but the basic vacuum (with the few simple attachments it comes with) works great. The way it empties is really good for me because I have trouble with dust and emptying this one doesn’t throw me into sneezing fits with watery eyes. I also like that you can tell just by looking at it when it’s time to stop and empty it.

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I have an older Dyson. I really like it. I’m really surprised to see that people think they’re heavy. It’s not heavy at all. And I don’t get why that could matter, since you never pick up
a vac; they roll.
Emptying them is less tidy than emptying a bag (you open the collection chamber and just
let the gick slip out into whatever; I slide it into a little landfill I have going on my property).
But I don’t like buying bags.
I really like it a lot that it doens’t shoot the same dust it’s picking up back into the air.
It never breaks.
It picks up everything. We have a lot of animal shedding going on here, so this is important.
Yes it cost a lot. But when I add up the cost of all the crappy cheaper vacs we bought
before and had to take to the dump in six months, it’s cheap.

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Yes! It’s amazing!

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If I recall right, Andrew thinks they are

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We have the Dyson Animal. Works great. Sometimes the hose attachment gets clogged, but it’s easy to disassemble and unclog.

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I have the Dyson Animal and its awesome! It the best vacuum we have ever owned. I’d like to get the updated version that utilizes the ball for steering or the handheld unit for routine touch ups.

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I really like mine. I have the Dyson Animal. It’s great for dog hair, the attachments are fabulous, it’s common sense design allows easy dismantling to fix basic issues, the filter just gets cleaned twice a year so it isn’t costly, and it works beautifully. My only objections are that it’s a bit heavy and awkward vacuuming the stairs and, like all vacuums, it seems to be tall enough for anyone 5’6” or shorter. I have to bend a bit using it and it irritates a back injury I have. Still, that would be the case for any vacuum.

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@Sueanne, I’ve rarely been steered wrong from their recommendations, either, but this product was an exception. I’ve also taken exception to some of their ratings on products I thought were good. I subscribe to the mag, but I don’t live by it.

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Hi Mr M!

I absolutely LOVE my Dyson. As my name implies, I have a Newfie dog and she sheds like a dripping faucet—constantly…

The brush gets clogged with her hair, but that happens with all vacuums I’ve ever used. Even when the brush is packed with hair, it still picks up more and the dirt, too.

I’d highly recommend a Dyson!

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I could not believe how much stuff this thing picked up the first time I used it. It was embarrassing really…

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Oh boy…
Yup…Love mine….
Was a little skeptical of the “Pet Hair” attachment…
But it really works!

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