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Can my car be repossessed if it's in my garage?

Asked by Stache (4486points) June 25th, 2018

I was late on a payment and my title loan has defaulted. I called the loan company and told them I could pay tomorrow. They made a note but told me they couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t be repossessed.

Is my car safe in my closed garage for the night?

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Totally fine. The car needs to visible to repossess. They can’t just break in thinking it might be there.

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You should be ok. But they could know where you work. It’ll be a target there, and fair game. Be careful.
Good luck.

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Not only do they know where you work, they probably know where you live, and if not yet, they merely have to follow you home to discover where you and the car sleep. Repo men get paid by the car and are therefore notorious for bending the rules. Parking in the garage is better than leaving your car on the street, but it won’t save you for long.

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This is why title loan places are usually adjacent to to used car lots.

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If I were you, I’d take it to a friends garage for a few days.

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If it’s stored inside a garage and the garage is enclosed you’ll be alright. They’re not going to commit a breaking-and-entering. Just don’t drive the car anywhere.

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OP said they would pay tomorrow (today). As long as they went first thing it should be sorted.

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Possibly. It depends on how determined the repossessers are.
I heard a story years ago about a guy who owned a nice Corvette, with nice tires and wheels, and he kept it locked in his garage. One day he come out to take his car for a drive and the car was up on blocks, wheels and tires missing. The owner took it upon himself to, not only get new tires and wheels, but to install steel eye bolt/fasteners at each wheel location in the garage, and new improved locks on the garage doors. Then he chained each wheel to a corresponding eye bolt with heavy chain and super-duty padlocks.
The next day he came out to drive his car and found that the car had been turned around in the garage, locks and wheels still in place, and a note was on the windshield: “If we want it, we’ll take it.”

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I made the payment this morning. It was safe in my garage the past two days. Thanks for the info guys.

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Repo men are not legally allowed to break into private property to repossess a car. A long time ago, I witnessed some guys trying to steal a car from within my gated condo complex. I called the cops, who promptly arrested them. That was despite them telling the cops that they were repo men. Luckily they were still on property when the cops arrived, otherwise they would have gotten away with it.

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@RocketGuy Good to know! Thanks.

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