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I boutght a Samsung Glyde today, but can't figure out where in the world the memory SD goes in...

Asked by redsfan1324 (184points) August 18th, 2008

any help would really be appreciated. I have the mini 1GB SD, but there doesn’t seem to be a slot for it on the phone. i’m sure it’s obvious, i just need help…

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did it come with an instruction book. The where to put the SD card will be at the begining right after where to put the SIM and how to fit the battery.

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Check underneath the battery; some phones have additional slots tucked away inside that compartment (i.e. slots for the SIM, and trans flash memory). One of my old Samsungs had that setup.

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It’s right by the spellcheck.

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thanks. found it. had to take the back of it off, like the first poster said…thank you very much…

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