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Could you rob a bank that is staffed by a robot?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30539points) June 27th, 2018

Robots are programmed to obey commands from humans.

So suppose you were a robber and went to a bank where robots staffed the place link

Then you told the robot “this is a holdup – give me all your money”.

Would the robot obey?

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She would probably be integrated, and in control of, the bank’s internal security systems.
She could sic the pigs on you in a split second without you even knowing, and have you riddled with bullets from four directions, before you can even finish the sentence.

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So far, since the mid eighties, I’ve always gotten money whenever I demanded it.
As long as I entered my pin correct.

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No. The bot would be programmed to follow certain procedures and if it couldn’t comply with your order, it would freeze up.

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@rebbel – you always win when you play the ATM machine!

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The Mark I robot teller which handed out fistfuls of cash to anyone asking for it was quickly replaced by the Mark II version which didn’t.

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In the picture above I noticed the bot’s grip was already in the position of function for a Glock 17. I would not try it. The bot has no fear and nothing to lose.

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It also looks like Freeza, so it needs no gun.

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What if you robbed it with gangsta robots?

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Robots are programmed to obey humans who programmed those commands first, so no unless it’s an inside job.

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