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Are there photographers here?

Asked by rebbel (31197points) June 28th, 2018

I make photos, pretty regularly, and I sometimes have questions about it.
About gear, or techniques, or genres.
Now I know there is at least one Jelly who is quite knowledgeable on the subject of photography, but I wonder if there are more amongst us, and how much (for future inquiries).
Are you willing to say what photographer you are (main genre), what you’d say your level is, and what you shoot with (and/or what system)?
I would call myself an amateur+, shooting mainly landscapes/cityscapes, with an interest for astrophotography, and I shoot micro four thirds system; Olympus OM-D E-M10.
Thanks in advance.

Ps. I used to follow groups on Facebook, but I no longer are on the platform, and forums are usually too technical for me, and have, on occasion, a pretty competitive atmosphere (in my opinion)).

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@Aethelwine is.

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I’m quite the old school amateur photographer, still using film and 35mm SLR cameras.

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Hey @rebbel I have dabbled for many a year. Spent my formative years from 1979 until 2018 shooting Olympus products starting with the OM-1 and ending with the SP-550 UZ. Recently purchased a Canon 6D mk 2 with a 24 – 135 mm zoom lens. Still learning the ins and outs of the camera. So many features and most I will use only once or twice.

I shoot for myself, for my memories. I started out in slide format and now shoot digital. Ranges from landscape to architecture, animals, candid people pics as well as head shots so the whole range. Have done sports when my kids participated in them and still life on occasion although just for experimentation.
btw @ragingloli nice work. I particularly like the built in black desk.

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I dabble these days, but in days of yore photography was a big part of my life. I had a home darkroom as a teenager. In college I worked for a couple of portrait studios, and ran a black & white lab making museum-quality archival prints. The best part was having facilities to print my own stuff. I shot a lot of 35mm, 6×6cm, and 4×5 inch.

These days I sometimes give gifts of framed prints, pics of family & friends & pets. I hand-cut the mats. But it’s an occasional lark now, not a big part of my life.

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In the past I had Canon SlR cameras and submitted to contests regularly.
I have switched in the last couple of years to a much small undetectable camera ( normal for tourist and home use) as I turn off the sound and the flash in order to obtain candid images of either Wild animals ( that can hear and see the flash etc) birds,domestic animals,and people on the street seated at sidewalk cafes , in order to document the changes of our Small Town.( in future will present to our museum for prosperity of how the Town was).
I take macro images of plants,insects like butterflies,moths,tiny birds,fish etc.
I take close ups of fences and posts that are lined up artistically.
I take photos of Sunrises and Sunsets in different seasons and times etc.
I have gone out at 5 am and stayed up all night to get the perfect Full moon or New moon . I have well over 3000 + images taken over the years on my digital files of which I can use for whatever projects that I come up with.
I have produced a few photo books, Family History book,designed playing cards and placed in a book as well. I experiment with different layouts and book sizes for the best output for each project through self publishing ( I continue to expand my photography by learning restoring old black and white pictures ( scratches, tears etc ) then I downloaded free software to colorize these images. it takes a lot of patience and I learned a lot from that experience. ( on Facebook sites free) . I discovered another website (free) called Colorize-it that can colorize black and white images under a min or so digitally. Just upload one image and watch that magic happen. I have since colorized my late parents old photos and plan to publish for the family the results of that project. it is unbelievable of the detail that is lost in black and white images that come alive when in color! I continue to get better trying new things with photographs.

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Okay guys, and gals, thanks so much for your answers, and stories, and work!
It’s good to know there are some Jellies that I can address if I have some photography related questions.

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