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Can you program a robot to rob people on the street?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) June 28th, 2018

Seems scary. Our future. Inspired by this question

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You can program a robot anything. Like you can program Republicans to vote for anything.

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Logically speaking…YES!!! Robots are computers that follow a specific set of instructions as programmed into them.At the current AI level, would they be efficient at it might be the question.

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Yes. Fork over the dough or else! And HOO boy! Watch out for the “else!”

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Sure.. Technically. But I thought the same in 1988 when I was rocking Zelda on the NES.

I actually got into a argument about a month ago (he is 22, I am 40) about something similar.

I said that when I was 15 I thought by the time I was 25 I would be able to play a baseball video game that looked real. He never got the concept that by looking real I actually meant that it looked like live game on your tv that you could control. We are still not there.

He insisted that, look at this Batman game, graphics are stunning, looks real. No it does not look real.

My point here is that tech doesn’t move all that fast. Uber isn’t tech. That is CRUD with some GPS tossed in. Not technically difficult.

The cock or hot dog episode of Silicon Valley summed things up nicely. If you dive into the ML part of CS they are still working on how to tell if it is dong.

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You could also program robots to carry out terrorist attacks. I am surprised that terrorists have not made use of drones. It seems like the ideal weapon for them.

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