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What's your favorite web-comic?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) August 18th, 2008

Mine is Cyanide & Happiness.
XKCD is also good. And I find Natalie Dee funny from time to time, but don’t tell anyone

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I really enjoy WetheRobots and XKCD is fun too.

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@PnL: xkcd is amazing!

I check Joy of Tech about once a month.

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Oh yah… GmG is high-larious!

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Get Your War On. So not right, but so spot-on and funny as f@ck.

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These are my three favorites hands down. Garfield minus Garfield is pretty damn funny too so props to you jasongarrett.

I find a lot of the comics are just the same milktoast jokes recycled over and over again.

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The art is amazing and the story is wonderfully entertaining.

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I read CAD comics on occasion and I like the XKCD too.

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The ones I care enough to subscribe to feeds for are:

- Sinfest
A Softer World
Bunny Comic

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Ugh, Control Alt Delete is horrible. The jokes aren’t funny, the art is mediocre at best and that Buckley guy is a tool of the highest order. His arrogance is entirely ungrounded and he treats his fans like utter crap.

I do read the following:
-Dinosaur Comics
-Questionable Content

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I regret to inform everyone that Opus is gonna die soon…

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