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Ever spend hours crafting a response only to have the question pulled?

Asked by rojo (24022points) June 29th, 2018

I have.


As if anyone wasn’t interested in penis enlargement.


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Yup. I’ve even written out long answers only to realize that I needed to pull the question.

If you’d like, I can send you the text of your answer and you can post it here. I’m sure many people would be grateful for your… “advice.”

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LUMB! I would like that. Thanks. @SavoirFaire

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haha, I thought it was a troll tbh…..

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Not that it is of any world crushing concern (but I did spend some time on it)

The best method (to enlarge the penis) is to purchase a good high quality rubber tubing. Tie a loop in one end and slip your foot into the loop before you put on you clothes (which foot will be determined by which way you hang). Now, while seated, take the other end and secure it just above (or below, depending upon your point of view) the glans penis, firmly tightening it until the glans begins to change color. The penis corona will help hold the tubing in place, just as it does with your hand. Now get dressed and stand up. If you have fastened the band correctly you will feel a constant downward pressure on your penis due to the stretch of the tubing.
Now, jog in place for a few seconds. Note how each step increases the tension. If this happens, perfect, you have just installed the penile stretcher correctly and every step you take and every time you stand you will be lengthening your male member and best of all, since it is secured under your clothing, no one will be the wiser.

Note, as your penis lengthens, you will have to shorten the band each time.

Also, once the head of your penis is below your knee, this method is no longer effective because no stretching of the band occurs with movement.

If additional length is required then I recommend the following method (Note: this method is only effective for those peni over 59 cm in length.) which can be done both at home and at work in certain instances: Several times a day, while seated in your chair (a hardback, dining room chair is best), take your penis in hands and, while maintaining an erect posture, place the head of your penis in your mouth, holding it firmly behind the glans utilizing your upper and lower incisors. Now, with penis securely in place, lean your head backwards as far as you can. You will immediately begin to feel a tightening stretch to your penis and in a few weeks you will notice additional inches in your penile length. I recommend starting out with 1 set of 10 reps and increasing the sets over a period of several weeks.

In time you will note that you are no longer getting any stretch and when you do, it can be compensated for by inserting more into your mouth, grasping lower down the shaft, rigidly with you teeth. It is worth noting here that at this point some men have problems with their gag reflex kicking in. If this happens to you, do not be concerned, this reflex can be overcome; it is not hard, it just takes more practice so keep it up.

Hope this helps, be sure to check back in and let us know.

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Well, allrighty then!

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Honestly, I have NO desire to enlarge mine!!! Of course, now that I know that you had something to say about it,I’m wondering what I missed???

I spent quite some time forming a Q on how people choose to tip & when I hit Send it to Fluther, it went poof…never to be seen or heard from again. At that point I decided it wasn’t worth going through more work just to get the same results & I chose to forget about it!!!

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I think if you post a long entry in response to what is almost clearly spam you have to know the Q is likely to get pulled. So maybe save your wit for the kosher stuff.

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I always miss the good stuff. Today I lost my car keys in a city 60 miles from my home. Good times. Send me the script as well, please!

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It seems to me @rebbel must have a lot to say! He’s been crafting a response for the past hour or more

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That’s rebbel for you. Always keeping us in suspense. :)

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A few days ago a teenager posted a generic “how can I get her back” question. He received a lot of helpful advice that could have been saved for thousands of angsty teenagers out there before they attempt to spam the site with the same question again. The question got pulled. I totally understand why, I just feel that the answers are too valuable to disappear.

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With my strange muscle tension I sometimes get finger droops or twitches.
I have spent a long time on answers and before I can finish a finger will unexpectedly hit the back button, sending me to the search page and effectively eliminating all my typing.
I just had that happen on another question about five minutes ago.

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hours on an answer? I’ve begun answers, been distracted and returned to them later. And plenty have disappeared.

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I feel your pain Patty. I have huge hands, and fingers. It’s sadly not uncommon for me to accidentally erase a long winded post. If you see that I haven’t responded to another jelly, sometimes I did, and it got erased, and I was too frustrated to repeat myself….

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Hours? Every response give here probably took less than five min. Ten max.

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It takes me longer than 10 minutes to formulate the plan in my head as to what I want to say & then I still have to type it, proof it & decide how many people might take it the wrong way & then rethink what it is that I really want to say. Not all takes hours to be completed but most do take a lot longer than 10 minutes from start to finish!!!

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@LadyMarissa It looks as if @ARE_you_kidding_me may not even have proof-glanced that post, either.

The last Fluther post I had go “poof” this way took well over five minutes, as it was a thoughtful list of various films in various categories I hadn’t compiled before.

It’d be nice if there were a way to see your own posts even if the question they are on has been hidden.

Actually, I wish web browsers had a way to retrieve former input fields, though I suppose that could be a security issue.

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Many Q’s here (especially RedDeer’s Qs) are on subjects of which I have NO knowledge; so, I often do some research before responding…especially when they appear to be serious Q’s. Then I need to formulate a plan on the best way to propose what I just learned. Other times, I type my response & while proofing it I realize that I just can’t post what I’d love to say in my response; so, I delete & say something kinder!!!

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If you are writing a long response you could always write it on Word and then copy and paste…

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yes I am trying to get help with my blended family, so my stepkids won’t see me as the enemy. Everyone seems to think I am trolling.

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