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What are wrong uses for tech?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) June 29th, 2018

Like a street sign that tells you your speed? People would try to get high score. Also otc ( over the counter) breathalyzers can get young people to try to get “HIGH” score

The original internet was meant for scientists to exchange data sets (what ever they are). Not porn. What are some other misuses for tech?

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The Wright brothers would be horrified to find out that the airplanes were used for war.

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“Hey, a sign showing me that I’m over the speed limit! Let me speed up some more. I got the high score! And a $250 fine.”

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Speed traps.

Video monitoring everyplace.

Devices that track your driving statistics and where you go.

Robots that try to safely drive cars 100 years before we’ll really be able to do that reliably.

Voting machines that enable untraceable election fraud.

Drones used to bomb people.

Tasers over-used.

Spying on everyone in all sorts of ways.

Mobile devices that track the user.

Web sites that pretend they are for the users but really mine their data and record and share stuff that should be private.


Devices that spy on you by watching and listening and recording what you do with them for their nefarious corporate and government agendas of evil.

Recording every flipping transaction.

Expecting every online vendor to be responsible for every sales tax jurisdiction in the entire world.


Detecting political dissidents and whistleblowers so they can be imprisoned, tortured and killed.

Doctoring images, video and audio for fraud, and to create unrealistic beauty ideals to sell products.

Super-efficient fishing technology that leads to overfishing and extinctions.

New version of things that get people to throw away their slightly-older products.

New car features that break down and have to be replaced, but that are no better (or even worse) than older more reliable tech that cost much less to repair.

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@Kropotkin Your link did nothing other than crash my Chromebook.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Chromebook is a wrong use of tech too?

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