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Are quail eggs really free from salmonella? Should I give them raw to my dogs?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (5107points) June 30th, 2018

I always love quail eggs and I’ve just bought a bunch of them recently. As usual, I cooked them and ate them but as my dogs looked at me, it crossed my mind that maybe I could make some for them and before I do that I ran my research on the internet and found several article and claims that said quail eggs are free from salmonella and are best eaten raw with the eggshell. Now I am wondering if quail eggs are really the superior alternative than chicken eggs and are meant to be served raw to dogs. Any thoughts?

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If you google the Q, you’ll find a number of sources addressing this.

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No point in serving raw eggs of any type to your dog as a cooked egg is just as good nutritionally.

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It would not be wise to give pets anything not specifically designed for them.

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I did a search for “quail eggs safe for dogs” & got a return of 10 hits. 9 out of 10 said raw quail eggs were good for your dog & one also said they were also good for your cat. Many years ago my vet recommended raw quail eggs for a skin condition my dog had & he loved them.

Honestly, BEFORE I fed them to any of my dogs now, I’d be “consulting with my dog’s vet” rather than “ask a friend”!!!

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A proper dosage of fish oil, would be safer, and more effective for skin.

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My vet also had me give my dog Brewers Yeast. It did wonders for his coat but also did wonders for his need to fart chemical warfare strength odors. I still gag when I remember it!!!

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In a perfect world, a vet does some cytology, to figure out exactly what needs to be battled in regards to the patient’s skin. Different problems, need different solutions.

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This always confuses me. My dogs have always eaten anything they found on the ground (dead animals, bird poop, etc.). I can only remember once or twice that they’ve actually thrown up, but other than that they have never actually gotten ill. So concern about a healthy dog being harmed by eating something contaminated with salmonella seems off to me.

I think it’s a bunch of baloney.

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No. You’ve just been rolling the dice. Some do better than others, but dogs have been domesticated to a point where they really should only be consuming custom food for them.

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