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Do you like licking batteries?

Asked by Magnus (2879points) August 18th, 2008

I certainly do… tastes weird! And when I say licking, I mean licking both poles so you get electrocuted. Works best with 9volts or 12volts, 9 being my personal favorite!

Do not experiment with car-batteries and tongues.

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no, I have more than 2 brain cells.

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Some people get a CHARGE out of it!

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Similar to biting aluminum foil with metal-filling’d teeth?

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Sounds kind of boring…. I can think of better things to do with my tongue.
Did you ever actually get electrocuted?

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You’ve never tasted a 48? Like fine wine.

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I bet Voltaire loved to lick batteries.
Did you ever get charged with reckless behavior?
Does it spark your imagination?
Have you ever thought about the negative outcomes?
Are you positive this is safe?
Yes I agree car batteries are dangerous. You have to draw the alkaline somewhere!

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nah, but i like licking my mac power adapter

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There once was a man from Belize
Whose love was to lick batteries.
one day in his yard
his lick was too hard
So his body is now in the freeze!

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No. I don’t like going to the ER.

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Christ, you don’t get hurt from it, just a little dizzy and a headache. Not to speak about your tastebuds dying.

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Wait so, what you’re saying is you enjoy headaches?

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Licking 9-volts is fine. I do it all the time to see which battery in my toolbox still holds a charge (for smoke detectors, multimeter, small radios, etc).

In fact, in standard American homes the standard 110 volt wiring isn’t enough to electrocute you. A healthy person will not die from grabbing a loose wire and completing a circuit. You’ll get shocked but it’s nothing that you can’t pull back from.

And compared to 110 volt, a nine volt battery holds a measly 8% voltage in comparison. You could lick them all day long and be fine. Drinking a hot cup of coffee kills more taste buds.

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Yeah, but it’s kinda weird that someone would do it for fun…

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It’s better then drinking paint or huffing gas. We’re all just looking for a thrill to carry us through the day one more time.

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i smell S&M

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S&M for sure…

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All you get is a little shock. I’ve done it before with 9V and 6V. And actually, licking a car battery wouldn’t hurt you. Car batteries are generally 12V.

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Oh, that makes it MUCH better…

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Voltage isn’t as important a factor as current. A consumer-grade taser puts out 50,000 volts after all.

And household current is apparently capable of delivering lethal electric shock (although I’ve never experienced ill effect beyond feeling that j-j-j-j-jumpiness in doing household maintenance).

Oh, and I’d be careful playing around with car batteries. They’re capable of pushing large amperages to support the starter motor in your engine.

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Re: Car batteries—Not to mention exploding.

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Exactly bodyhead, I was changing the smoke detector battery when i found an open 9volt, then I licked it to see if it had juice. It had so I continued to lick it.


Ew, with all that crap in the engine compartment, who knows what I’d be licking that’s settled on the car battery. Just road and tire dust particulate sludge alone is enough to make me steer clear of it.

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I don’t think anyone here would lick a 12 volt battery (car battery). That’s crazy, actordavidtran. We’re talking about 9 volt batteries.

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I love how bodyhead posts that we’re talking about licking 9 volts as opposed to 12 volts, as if it’s so much more logical.

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Point taken, poofandmook.

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Magnus, how often do you lick them?

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To those who say “its not the voltage that would kill you, its the current”

A 9 volt battery, like a car battery, does have the potential to output enough current to kill you easily. But why doesn’t it? It is because your body, and mouth, do not draw enough current to kill you. This is because current is equivalent to voltage, current = voltage / resistance. Say the amount of tongue in-between the anode and cathode of a 9v was 1800 ohms ( its probably somewhere near that). That would be 9v/1800=.005. Or 5 miliohms, within the range of pain but without killing you. Now lets do it with a 12v battery. 12V/1800= .006. That would feel almost exactly like licking a 9v battery. Yes a car battery can output hundreds of amps, but it wont. A 9v battery can output a couple hundred milliamps, more than enough to kill you. But why doesn’t a taser kill you? Well yes a taser can output huge amounts of voltage, but it wont because the current just isn’t there to begin with. Spread this info so that others will know and to treat real hazards like hazards

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