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[Update] I fed my dog chicken bones and I'm worried of his health?

Asked by Idiota (22points) June 30th, 2018

The chicken bone vomiting was okay.

He was still sick after that and it turned out my dog got distemper. I am thinking of putting him to sleep because he did not deserve any of this, and my heart breaks every time I see him twitching because of the virus.

The doctor said that he’s not vomiting and he’s still responding, meaning he could still survive as long as he’s properly fed and given medication, but for the past two days he’s not able to properly open his jaw, or drink water anymore. (I’m force-feeding him through syringe).

Last night my mother gave him chicken and he ate them, which is good, but even if he survived I feel like I would just make him suffer longer with all the body twitching he’s having. If he survived, yes he would still be alive and I would be very happy, but he’s suffering from the permanent nerve damage, and I would always be in guilt every time I see him which is everyday.

This dog is my child, and I am the only one taking care of him since my mother is at work and my brother doesn’t care which makes it even harder for me. I have been restless for two weeks now. I don’t know what to decide. I think putting him to sleep would be the best decision, but I don’t want to abandon all hope. But even so, I don’t want him to suffer any longer.

This decision is really hard for me. I overcame my depression with him, and I love him so much. I am a terrible person. Please help me decide for the last time.

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Thank you for the update.

If the dog was diagnosed as having distemper by a vet, then you need to read up on how a dog gets distemper. It is likely that it has nothing to do with eating chicken bones.

The downside is that distemper cannot be cured. Ask the vet are the options and decide what would be best for the dog.

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Distemper, is definitely not a chicken bone issue. It is not curable.
I’m very sorry to say that euthanasia may be the most humane option…

My heart hurts for you.
Peace n love.

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I’m sorry you both are going through this heartbreak.
As you already know there is no treatment and the long term prognosis is not the best.

You are young and will likely have other dogs in your life. This dog is giving you a gift. He is teaching you the importance of vaccinations.
And your question here is teaching others.

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The dangers of chicken bones, especially cooked chicken bones is that they can splinter and the splinters can cause problems. A bone can also get caught in his throat. Has the vet checked to see it that is the case?

Distemper is a virus that a dog or a cat can only get from another animal that has the virus. We have never had a cat that had distemper that the vet didn’t say he needed to be put down immediately before he infected our other animals.

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