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Where did the term "rack" come from? (when refering to boobs)

Asked by gege (4points) August 18th, 2008
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You can hang coats on them.

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Where did knockers come from for that matter? :)

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Boob refers to a fool. Boobie refers to a sea bird. Tit is a type of songbird. Where did any of these ridiculous terms come from?

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Doesn’t it come from “rack of meat” as in the stuff on the ribs?

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They can serve as a good shelf if they’re big enough?

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I’m always catching food with mine…or should I say that I often caught sharing my food with my shirt?

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I have been known to call mine “spaghetti catchers”. That’s why I have to actually wear a napkin like a bib. Sheesh. They won’t hold books up, though. :^>

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It’s from the term hunters use for the pair of antlers on a trophy buck. this is what happens when your speech center is located in your testicles

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And how about Jugs and Titties and Ta Tas?

(I bet Titties and Ta Tas came from a toddler)

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