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If you had to impress someone with your culture skills, where would you take them on a monday night in your city?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) August 18th, 2008
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Durham: Brightleaf Square, Tobacco District, or 9th Street.
(Or Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.)

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Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim, Central Park Zoo, then dinner at Babbo and drinks somewhere in the West Village.

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Erm. I guess this and this sum it up, hehe.

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I would take them on a horse and buggy ride through the Amish community in Ethridge Tennessee. Maybe stop at a farm and see how it runs without electricity and other modern conveniences. Check out the handcrafted furniture, quilts, produce and other goods they offer for sale. Then we could go a little farther north to The Farm , a hippie commune, and check it out. They got straw houses and all other green living ideas going on. They have what they call a dairy but its a soybean product factory. And there is a store with art, clothes, books, and a bunch of other things hippie.

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The Norton Simon Museum or the Huntington Library.

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To the Short North. We could tour some art galleries, admire the lighted arches over High St. and finish up with dinner at Bettys – best food in town, and a very eclectic decor – lots of old carnival prizes and Vargas pin up drawings.

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Great exhibition at the Calatrava Addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum featuring Gilbert and George. Then off to Walker’s Point for drinks and dancing….Oh, maybe a stop at Lush before that….

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Historic downtown Frederick, Maryland…shop and gallery browse on foot, take in the public art & federal architecture, horse & buggy ride, ending with live music and late night dinner/drinks at Firestone’s.

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The Tate Modern.

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There are so many art museums and galleries to choose from in Los Angeles. To name a few within a few miles of each other, there is The Getty Center and the UCLA Hammer Museum of Art. A drive through Beverly Hills will bring you to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which is near the La Brea Tar Pits and The Farmer’s Market. Plus there are all the private galleries up and down Melrose and Beverly Boulevards. And all that just covers the west side!

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To my deck, I guess. Pretty dead here on a Monday evening. But Thurs-through Sat. is a different story.

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well where I live isn’t very good in terms of showing off culture. But I could maybe take someone to the football hall of fame or maybe Cedar Point amusement park. There are a lot of different people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures who go to those two places. So instead of educating about the culture, I would just let them experience people of many different cultures by showing them some of my states best attractions.

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Monday Night Football.

At the Linc.

Watch my team KICK your team’s asses!

(I’d lend you a team jersey so you wouldn’t get mugged or harrassed during the game)

Hey! I may have no self esteem, but I can still fake the Phillie attitude!

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Culture? We don’t need no stinkin’ culture. I am sad to say that no one comes to Orlando for culture.

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Quito: Old town…

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Spend the night in Historic square at midnight.See the night live perhaps.

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I don’t need to impress people with my culture knowledge; I am who I am.

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A nice hospitable dinner at my family’s mansion, compliments of the Reyna De Los Corazones. Free drinks(anything) for the first 5 Fluthers who answer the call. :)

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I’m there dulce, where do you live?

I’m from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and first thing I’d do is see what was going on in town that Monday night, as we have a lot of great things that happen at different times of the year. On the Fourth of July for example, we have a festival called the Taste of Minnesota where there are dozens of artisans and exhibitors, free live concerts all day every day, and a large variety of food to try. A bit later in the month of July we have an international film festival that showcases dozens of movies from around the world. For a week an a half leading up to Labor Day we have one of the best State Fairs in the country. But we also have over 30 venues for live theater, and nearly 60 museums of all variety plus dozens of ballet and dance companies, a couple world class orchestras, about 7 major league sports teams, several amusement parks, shopping venues, night clubs, waterparks, zoos, public parks, lakes, you name it, we’ve got it. I’d care less about the “culture” than with what the person was interested in doing if I really wanted to impress them.

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Me too Dulce. I’m in NYC though…

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It’s no problem for both of you I’ll send someone to pick you both up in my Private Jet, You can bring one guest with you, No Borat Guests!!

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No problem, my guests know how to flush.

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And mine has very good table maners.

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Dinner at the Wild Sage restautant. It is spectacular. Then drinks at Scratch, a wicked martini bar a short walk away. After that, a ride on the Gondola across the raging river and the waterfalls with the moon shining down. Simple and beautiful.

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The tractor pull. Following that, the Coke/Diet Coke/Dr. Pepper taste-off. Following that, a rousing bout of cow tippin’. Following that…actually, how do you follow that?

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Paris – the Pompidou Centre. Including drinks/food at Georges, the restaurant on the top floor!
London – the theatre, somewhere like the Donmar Warehouse…

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Mexican restaurant down the street. Good food. Good atmosphere…

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