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Can you give real life examples of this - "Reality is stranger than fiction."?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) July 1st, 2018

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Murphy’s Law. Whatever can possibly happen, will, if given sufficient opportunities.

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Yeah, Republicans have actually convinced a lot of people they care for the average working slob, no matter how many tax cuts they get for the wealthy.

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But they do. Ol’ JB Fatwallet pays upward of five dollar a week down to the saw mill.. Even let ol’ Cletus set a spell when he cut his thumb off last week.

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Yeah. This whole Trump thing. It’s poorly written, and unbelievable. Yet…...

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There seems to be no #&$@ing way to turn off a Roku, or get it to stop playing sound when browsing in Netf&#@s, and the default settings are to record and sell your viewing history to whoever, and no one has killed them yet. &%#@ing dystopia we’re living in…

Not to mention the Trump thing…

And the “we’re destroying our own planet and denying each other healthcare and food and blaming them for being unambitious, so that those with billions can have more billions” thing.

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The Orangutan is somehow more ridiculous than President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho from the movie “Idiocracy”.

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If you were to write a football novel, you would never name the start quarterback Bart Star or Johnny Unitas. A baseball novel would never name its scrappy hitter Pete Rose or name a pitcher Bill Hands or Raleigh Fingers.

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Quantum mechanics and non locality.

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“President Donald Trump”.

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Russians orchestrating the election of Donald Trump, and people believing that Donald Trump is a good President.

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Yeah. This whole Trump thing. It’s poorly written, and unbelievable. Yet…...

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Deja vu: It is always feels strange and unreal when it happens, but it happens nonetheless. I find it stranger than any fiction I’ve read or watched.

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^Can you share such incident if you wish?

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^ Well, I had the feeling that I had already had the conversation I was having with my friend. At the same place. About the same topic. Even the conversation I imagined I had had involved me thinking it was a deja vu, so it was very eerie. I hope this makes sense. :D

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It is aerodynamically impossible for a bumble bee to fly, yet it can and does.

For more information about this visit the link below:

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