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What city is this video recorded in?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) August 18th, 2008

Dudley Perkins – Testin’ Me
If you know where Dudley Perkins is from, that’s what I want to know, but I can’t seem to find out. So this video, is apparently recorded in his hometown. It’s one of three cities; ‘Babylon, NY’, ‘Oxnard, CA’ or San Diego. Which one of the three does it look like?

But if you know where Dudley Perkins is from… please tell me.

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His myspace lists Babylon (NY) as his hometown. Sorry I can’t provide a link (I’m on my iPod) but you can google his Myspace.

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Those were all pictures and footage from Downtown Los Angeles, and surrounding neighborhoods (MacArthur Park, South Central L.A.). You can see the Metro and Metro Red Line busses in the several shots, and that skyline is definitely downtown L.A.

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Ok thanks both of you.
Yes, I know his MySpace lists Babylon.

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Babylon aka Los Angeles (many hip hoppers refer to L.A. as Babylon); fyi, the shot at the end with Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission sign-that church is located at 530 East 5th Street 90013 (google maps has a cool 360 degree shot of that very location).

nice track btw

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Thanks! That’s just the answer i’m looking for!

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