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Which weather web site do you use?

Asked by janbb (59209points) July 3rd, 2018

Not looking for an app but for an actual web site. I use the weather channel ( but it is really off this week and annoying me. Want to try another.

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DarkSky. You can also set your many weather apps on your phone to use Dark Sky’s data as a source.

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Yr (Norwegian site, in English language)
Clear Outside (used by me for photography purpose)

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I use Accuweather

It gives good hour by hour forecasts for today, and good long term forecasts for the next ten days too.

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Sometimes I use the NOAA site, they have lots of cool maps and pictures.

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A local station has a good website and doppler for the area.

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The BBC or the met office.

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Me too. I use the met office site It gives a 7 day forecast for quite small geographic areas within the UK and is usually dependable. It gives worldwide forecasts also

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Weather Underground since 1996.

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I look at the “Hourly” to see when or if rain is expected today.

Then I look at the 10-day forecast.

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I usually use the accuweather app on my phone.

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I rarely look at one but when I do it’s Accuweather, or during hurricanes I use the local forecasters.

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