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POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: What do you think about the show Salvation using the name Resist for the group trying to control the various nations?

Asked by JLeslie (61539points) July 4th, 2018 from iPhone

What do you think about the show in general regarding word choice?

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Just for my information (I don’t know the show): Is the possible spoiler in the question title?
(I can’t possibly see one in the details, that’s why)

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^^Nothing in the question or details is really much of a spoiler. I just put the warning there in case an answer in the Q gives away details of the show. For anyone who hasn’t ever seen the show, it’s not obviously in the beginning shows that an outside group (Resist) is going to try to interfere with the actions of the other governments, but it’s not really a big spoiler.

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Based on watching the show since last season, I don’t think it was anything but a coincidence. There are no parallels in the plot to our current political situation.

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@JLeslie, I know nothing about the show, but if there might be a spoiler in your Q, why not put it in the inside details?

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^^Good point. Initially, I was mainly thinking answers might have spoilers in them.

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I stopped watching the show because it was too much about government intrigue and the like. I wanted a show about a extinction level event and how to prevent/deal with it. I could care less what the group is called.

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