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Good resources/articles to learn more about universal health care?

Asked by occ (4080points) July 26th, 2007

I just saw Michael Moore's new movie, Sicko. It did a great job of showing how other countries have better health care than the U.S., but didn't really explain how we could have universal health care. I am also curious to find out more about how the different presidential candidates distinguish themselves on this issue. If anyone can recommend a good article, website, etc, i'd be much obliged.

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I don't ever see this happening.

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one of my teachers pointed out that universal health care is not the same as single payer health care. i don't know what the difference is, only that it's important.

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I had a client, an orthopedic surgeon, who bought a second home and opened a practice in Detroit, Michigan, so he could handle the flood of Canadian citizens coming to the U.S. through Windsor, Ontario, to get hip replacements. He said most of his Michigan clients were Canadians who had been waiting over two years to get hip surgery. Purely anecdotal, as is the number of British and Canadian actors with horrible teeth, but there must be some reason so many citizens of countries with universal health care are coming here for health care, including relatively common procedures (they're not just coming here because we offer treatments not available elsewhere.)

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most countries with universal healthcare have extremely high taxes. im pretty sure that in Britain they pay nearly half of their income to the government to be able to have universal healthcare. of course the benefit is that if something ever does go wrong that youre gauranteed to be taken care of. none of this “your insurance doesnt cover it.”

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Those Canadians who come across the border for treatment have money. To me, when a good is scarce or expensive, what matters is access. The best medical care is useless if you cannot get it. For example, the dental services on public health here are not good. But if my child is born with major defects to her oral cavity, the best available therapies will be offered – at the expense of the State.

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