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Which is better sidekick 2008 or blackberry pearl?

Asked by tj1317 (22points) August 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I already have the bb pearl and think it is awesome I’m just wondering if you guys agree I don’t want to hear any thing about the iPhone because in 2 years I’m gonna jailbreak 1

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I think I would agree. I don’t have one myself but I have a number of friends who do and it is pretty sweet. The only thing is I’ve never seen anyone with the other phone you’re asking about so I can’t answer this question fully. Sorry.

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I’d suggest the mda vario 3. In my opinion this is the last word in phones/ ppc/ touch screen pdas, until they start walking on 2 legs.
The sidekick’s good. The iphone sucks for now, wait till about the fourth one minimum.

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ya i agree my friend has a sidekick and he let me try it while he tried my pearl and wanted to switch for ever and when I was using the sidekick u can’t make a call without opening the phone and closing it

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you know you can jailbreak the iphone now right?

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ya but I didn’t have 300

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I love my sidekick but the bb pearl is kinda girly.

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