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If a question is from a new user and the first answer is spam, don't you suspect that the OP is spam?

Asked by janbb (56447points) July 5th, 2018

Especially if it is related to some other recent ones. I am.

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But of course.

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It can be a part of meat puppeting. Meat puppeting is a concept, where two or more individuals engage in giving each other a good answer for each and every response and adding questions especially crafted for the partner to answer (tailor made). This can be regarded as spam if the OP does this repeatedly for more than 10 times in a row and the same person answers the question first in 10 times in a row with links to external websites to grow their business. It is advised to keep a watch on them for repeated policy violation before flagging as it can be a mere coincidence and OP might be innocent. Someone can stalk the OP to answer their qiestions first.

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I have noticed that some spammers appear due to buzz words.
Someone could ask what they should wear to their prom.
The word prom could kick up an ad for a live band, DJ, or party decorations.

Sometimes OP and spammer are one and the same.

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