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Hello. I live in Bulgaria. Our familly is poor and I don't have very much money. I'm 15 years old and I don't think it's legally to work. What ways you know for earning money?

Asked by AzisSmith (26points) July 6th, 2018

I need money

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Perform a service.
House cleaning
Child care
Fast food
You know best what is needed in your area. Look around.

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In Bulgaria people don’t pay for activites like landscaping, house cleaning, child care or something simillar. I’m not good in programming and i don’t think i will became good fast. It isn’t legal to work under 16 years old, I am 15 years old, and that’s the problem..

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You’re on the internet. My guess is that therein lies your opportunity for salvation. You’re young. Keep your mind open for opportunities and work the net.

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House cleaners and maids, in Bulgaria.

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@rebbel As the OP has said twice now, he’s below the legal minimum age to work in his country. So he can’t work for that company.

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@Irukandji Good point, I have read that incorrectly.

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Let’s see you have no skills and you’re too young to work legally. I would take the time between now and when you turn 16 to learn some skills. In lieu of that, I would apply for something like a ‘stock boy in a small store or maybe a farm hand picking crops. They are easy to learn but physically demanding which makes youth a plus. Also they are less likely to screen extensively for things like age. Good luck.

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Since you have access to the internet, there may be a way to do some work for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk site. I think they require you to be 18 years old, but maybe your parent could sign up and let you use the account. I don’t know if it’s available in Bulgaria.

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Learn a craft and become an expert at it and either have your parents sell them or later you can yourself.
Lots of homemade crafts on for ideas.

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Some people have figured out hoe to make money demonstrating video games on You-tube. The game makers pay them. They have to get thousands of likes for it to work.

My handicapped son made money designing web sites for people. It was all done online.

Perhaps you could design online games, or start an advice column for teens where you answer the questions for people who buy subscriptions.

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@YARNLADY The OP would be better off picking up bottles to recycle and then buying lottery tickets with the proceeds than trying to earn money in the video game industry. A 15-year-old with zero prior programming experience is a nearly impossible feat. Maybe after a decade of studying and hard work @AzisSmith might have learned enough skills to have a shot a making a game that people would pay money for, and then it would be one game in a sea of millions. The chances are insanely small.

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@YARNLADY wasn’t talking about making video gamrs, she was talking about playing video games, recording that and putting it on YouTube. You might be amazed the money there can be in that.

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Lie about your age and join the Foreign Legion. If it’s not for you they have a program now where you can leave with no repercussions. But you have to opt out before a certain amount of time in basic. Just a suggestion.

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Ask your parents to ask their friends to pay you to work informally. Like errand boy or cleaning out an attic, things like that.

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Thanks for all the advices, I will try them.

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