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Need help placing song with band, anybody?

Asked by Patty_Melt (12231points) July 6th, 2018

I give up.
Back in ‘89 I bought some albums, yes vinyl, from one of those music clubs. A couple of years later, my mom stole them.
I can’t remember all of them. There was Whitesnake, Tesla, some others.
One had a song I have been looking for for at least two decades, I don’t remember which band. The last song on one side was a metal version of rockabye baby.
There was a to die for guitar solo
Does anyone know the song, band, album?

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No, not off hand. Google is your friend though. Have you tried that yet?

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Google, YouTube, record stores. I am stumped. No matter how I bribe or threaten my memory it gives me no more.
My only chance is someone else has/had the same album.
It could have come out before ‘89, but definitely not after.

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After years of trying every which way, while I was typing bribe or threaten my memory, poof! I got a mental image, and it was right.
Just in case anyone is interested, it is Rock A Bye Bye, by Extreme. It is wicked cool. When Extreme popped into my head, I searched their albums list and there it was. I confirmed it on YT. My oldest kid was a baby when I was listening to it. Tears started rolling down his face in a solid heavy flow. He pointed at the stereo and said, the sunshine is crying. That was during the solo. It really is an emotional piece.
Now I gotta eBay. Laterz, all.

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Glad you found it!

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