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Is the Olympics coverage biased?

Asked by sands (79points) August 18th, 2008

I have been following the Olympics since it began and the coverage is approximately 85% US team coverage and 15% of God knows what. For people who have ties to other countries, this is really frustrating. Plus the biased commentary-accusing the Chinese of cheating and the Jamaicans of using drugs, with absolutely no criticism of any US athletes, is unprofessional at best. If Bolt ( which has been implied several times) is on drugs what is Phelps on? Any arguments for or against?

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Of course it is. You’re in the US.

It’s too much to put on TV if they covered every country, I think you could receive other countries broadcast if you have satellite tv.

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I think that is just part of the deal. I have every reason to believe that the Chinese media is hyping their people and downplaying the suspicions that everyone else has that they falsified passports for babies to compete in gymnastics.
In other words, if they are looking for info on Swedes or Cannucks…..they probably should hit the net. Or satellite.

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You bet. I love to watch the Canadian coverage.

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crunchaweezy pretty much summed up my thoughts. If you’re in the United States, you’re going to be watching the United States compete. What would NBC gain by focusing on Slovenia or the Central African Republic just as much as they focus on the United States?

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Would sure be fun, though, if they focussed a LITTLE on Slovenia or the C.A.R.

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I’ve been telling people we should have an Olympics channel 24/7. The coverage is going to be biased – else what do they have to talk about?

The fun part about watching the olympics is also talking smack about Bob Costas and the funny comments people sometimes make.

But I agree, they could do a bit less synchro-diving in favor of some more interesting stuff. However, the coverage of discus is just not that exciting. But US did win GOLD in the women’s discus – Yay us!

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I think NBC would have a lot to gain by covering at least 30–40% other countries since many Americans have roots in other countries. Furthermore, the commentary could be a little less pro-American and anti-everyone else. The Chinese may or may not have falsified the gymnasts’ passports. That will NEVER be proven, no matter how much Bela Karolyi tries to convince everyone about it. Likewise, the Jamaicans may or may not have used drugs. They have been tested more than most and they have never been caught so NBC seriously needs to drop it. Thanks for the responses guys.

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