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Question about “Squeeze Page” and MailChimp?

Asked by gentleman2222 (25points) July 7th, 2018

Hello, I wish to market my product using Google Adwords in addition to emailing potential buyers.
I am thinking of creating a page where the potential buyer lands on after clicking my Google Adword i.e., a“squeeze page” (not a landing page). I am also thinking of creating a MailChimp email to send to potential buyers.
My question is: Does it make sense to create both the “squeeze page” and the MailChimp email template – or can the 2 be combined?

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MailCHimp is pretty dumb in the sense that all it does is send out emails. So you’re going to need to have some place for people to land (even if you don’t call it a landing page) in order to capture their email information and initiate the outgoing email process.

I am little murky on the idea of a squeeze page. What is it and how is it different from any other page that a merchant has?

but mostly, you seem to be going about this backwards. Design the product, design the page (because the Adword has to send you someplace) – and then if that’s effective, figure out emailing.

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^^ Makes sense to me!!!

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