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Does anybody know of any sites that you can make donations to charity by clicking?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) August 18th, 2008

I know that there are there are sites out there that allow people to donate food, or money to an organization, just by clicking. Like or something. Thanks

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Well snap, I saw the question on the page and thought ‘Ah, there’s a free rice site thing somewhere’ so I googled it while allowing your question to load. Came here and you already know about it…that’s all I wanted to say, sorry I don’t know of any sites :(

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yep. HungerSite is the one I go to. It also has links to several other such sites where you can just click to donate. make the site your homepage and you won’t forget :)

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GoodSearch is a search site that donates to charities when you use it to search the web. You can choose a particular charity from among thousands, or you can let it go to the charity of the day.

seVen's avatar Donate Bible by a click daily to persecuted Christians throughout the world. all click donating sites grouped into one.

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I’ve found one more of those click-for-free-charities

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