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Is "hero" a subjective qualification?

Asked by rebbel (33253points) July 8th, 2018

Can someone who, through negligence, or direct involvement, has multiple deaths to its name, do anything to make up for said wrongdoings, and become (or be seen as) a hero?
And who is to judge whether that person is then a hero?
Can my asshole be your hero (or vice versa)?
Replace asshole for something else, according to your liking…
Could Pol Pot have done something very humane, after his policies that killed many of his people, and be seen as a good guy, in hindsight?
Hitler? Genghis Khan? Ivan the Terrible?
I’m asking this after this morning I read and watched Mike Pompeo’s message (from Mr. Trump) directed at North Korea, and its leader, Kim Jong Un.
“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday that if North Korea replicates the path Vietnam has taken with its partnership with the U.S., Kim Jong Un would get a “miracle” and be seen as a “hero of the Korean people.””
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Will the Korean people, potentially, agree, would you think?

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Reminds me of a joke.
“You can say a lot of things about Hitler.
But he did kill Hitler.”

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There is some truth in what Pompeo is saying but I don’t think it will impress Kim Jong-un. Kim already has god like status within North Korea which he has established through propaganda and fear. I don’t think he is keen to give up his nuclear weapons as they are what gives him clout of the world stage and he will have seen what happens to dictators who relinquish them.

We can agree on the qualities a hero should possess while disagreeing on who might qualify as a hero. Do heroic qualities outweigh evil actions? It would depend on your perspective and so it is subjective.

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Nothing could be more subjective than the assignment of heroic status to those behaviors defying both common sense and/or self preservation

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People have a short memory. So Kim Jong Un could open shit up and make cell-phones and the people could eat some KFC. It would be sort of like when your boyfriend stops beating you up. Now he is marriage material!

And if he did that I wouldn’t call him a hero, but I would totally understand why people that lived in the DPRK would.

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But that’s why he dare not open things up. If his people ever discover that what he put them through was so totally unnecessary they would rip him to pieces.

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Well, keep in mind he hasn’t been around long. He could argue it was necessary to keep oppressing to get the nukes to get a meeting with a sitting American president.

And if hungry people haven’t done him in I doubt people filled with KFC biscuits would.

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I swear, loli, you & luigirovatti throw these monkey wrenches into my reading machinery just to hear the gears screech. At least you DO include an explanatory video of just what IS a super Kami Guru. But I’ve been wondering since luigi’s arrival if the 2 of you occupy the same esoteric dimensions or at least share the same reference points? Acually, let me pm him to see if he knows about your guru.

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I’m no Hero”

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