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If I replace my 5-year-old Kindle with a new one, how do I get all my books onto the new device?

Asked by Jeruba (51916points) July 8th, 2018

Do I have to download them all again one at a time? Is there an efficient way to retrieve all of them?

I have a Paperwhite. The interface is so clunky that you wouldn’t think anything would still work that way in the 21st century. Is the newest Paperwhite just as bad? If so, what should I get instead?

Thanks for any advice.


I still strongly prefer real paper books, for all the usual reasons, plus the relative lack of typos and OCR scanning errors. But you can’t beat an e-reader for a quick, lightweight grab on the way out the door to take someone to the emergency room or to get on a plane.

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Should all remain on your cloud account for Kindle.

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What @Tropical_Willie says, and the list will download automatically as soon as you activate the new device.

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So when I activate the new device, I’ll have everything on it that I now have on the old device?

Is there a way to exclude any specific works?

And will I still be able to access my library on the old one, with notes and highlights and everything?

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I don’t have a kindle, I have a nook, and in the most basic of ways they are very similar. I imagine you can “archive” titles like I can, I don’t know if you can delete them.
When I recently got a new nook, the titles appeared, but I needed to download them.
I have also used, with some success, the various tutorials I have found on line.

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I use kindle app on my mobile which synchronises the books on new device (phone) when I access my account from another phone. Similar should happen with kindle device too. Never deleted any book from kindle so not sure about that.

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