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Does this behavior by Christians and atheists dismay you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44147points) July 8th, 2018

There was a picture, or video, of a Buddhist monk arriving at the cave site for spiritual and moral support. Many of the Christians just cut loose on him. How he was a false God a false profit, just…..blathering nonsense.
And there were some atheist who were just about as bad, talking about imaginary figures in the sky.
Many people were supporting and kind but the others were just horrible. It turned my stomach.
I found it really horrifying, all the way around.
Why do people do that? That is not the forum to preach your own religious, or lack of, beliefs! We need to support the boys and the rescuers.

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Sounds like people are frustrated and are stressing out on each other. I would let it go if i was their. Not a good time to pick a fight. I would choose my battles wisely.

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Can you provide a link?

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I’ll see if I can find it again. It was on my FB feed.

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This should be public.

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Do you mean people who were physically there, or do you just mean people posting comments on the video?

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I didn’t hear any insults or name calling on that video. You must mean comments against them?

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I mean people posting in the comments. The written comments under the video.

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Well, then I do not care.

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First rule of the Internet, don’t read the general comments.

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People are just horrible.

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< Christian here. I don’t agree with that kind of behavior and I never have. I have never appreciated people hassling me over my beliefs and I have never pushed my beliefs on anybody!

Do you have a link?

Edit… I clicked on it but it wouldn’t play.

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The link is about 8 posts up.

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It’s horrible of course. Even just in comments, you gotta figure at least a portion of those people have no problem doing it out loud or directly to people in some fashion.

Luckily, I can say most Christians I know would say things like, “we are praying for those children, and everyone involved,” without criticizing other clergy or religious leaders. Even that might be offensive to some people, but there is obvious good intention there without really overtly pushing their religion.

As far as the atheists—really really pisses me off. In my experience atheists are usually silent about religious support during a crisis, or even very supportive of it. My family is atheist, and we were very appreciative of the rabbis that came to my aunt’s bedside when she was dying.

I rarely read comments below a video. Too many idiots there.

This reminds me of a conversation my dad had with a woman who was in my zumba class. She had spent a year in China on missionary work, and my dad had just done a 3 week trip there, so it seemed like a shared experience they could talk about. Within a few minutes she said, “...they are atheists there…” in a negative tone, and my dad said he was basically dumbfounded (very rare for my dad to be without words).

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I think it is very sad.

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It’s unfortunate but par for the course. As a chrisitian, I find Buddhism and many eastern religions very calming and sensible.

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I do too. Even as an atheist I find them very soothing.

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Hadn’t heard of this event. But given your description I would say you had bad Christians and typical atheists, though to be fair, the atheists were probably saying the same stuff to the Christians. In situations like that…you are gathered around to pray for or to help rescue someone…I don’t care who you are. If you show up and are helping in your way, you are a blessing.

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^^Typical atheists? That sounds like maybe I should be offended. Not the atheists I know, and I know a lot of them. Don’t generalize about atheists by only hearing the loud annoying ones, just like I would assume you don’t want people to generalize about Christians by only hearing the loud annoying ones who get the spotlight.

Also, consider that there are way more atheists in hiding than Christians too. You are around atheists all the time who are supportive of your right to practice your religion and you don’t even know it. The majority of my friends in the Bible Belt (I lived there for 10 years total in two different states) don’t know I’m an atheist.

One atheist friend of mine even has prayer flags for luck hanging in his racing trailer given to him by his very Christian friend.

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@seawulf575…You haven’t heard of the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave?

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Another thing that is upsetting to me is that many of the Christians are giving God all the glory for the successful rescue of the kids and the coach…and they don’t even mention the dozens of divers, many of whom have been risking their lives to get the kids out.
It’s all, “Oh thank Jesus! They’re all safe!”
Wait a second…...

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Yes, @Dutchess_III I have heard about that. I just hadn’t heard about a Buddhist getting harangued. It doesn’t change my answer at all.

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@JLeslie Sorry…I don’t mean to offend. Well, I guess I did. I dunno. I have gotten nothing but crap from atheists for believing in fairy tales for so long, it does sort of bend my thinking about them. Atheists, not fairy tales.

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Well, they weren’t haranguing the Buddhist as much as they were other commenters. The asshole Christians were being assholes to the atheists and the asshole atheists were being assholes to the Christians and it was just completely distressing to me. But I also know that is not typical of ALL atheists or all Christians (ie there is no such thing as a “typical” athiest or “typical” Christian.) I also know that being an atheist or a Christian isn’t the reason one becomes an asshole.

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@Dutchess_III Bahaha, now THAT is true and funny as all get out! :)

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Which part??!

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@Dutchess_III “The asshole Christians were being assholes to the atheists and the asshole atheists were being assholes to the Christians”

One thing we DO know, a-hole’s are everywhere of every belief system of every race. A universal truth haha!

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I found this and it’s pretty cool! the coach actually lived in a monastery for a decade and learned mediation and stuff. I bet it helped a LOT!

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I didn’t see anything negative being said in the video you linked.. Though it would be stupid since they are Thailand is strongly Buddhist, Hinduism and Taoism.
Oh, but to answer your question, I would be disgusted by their behavior. I don’t care what faith you are or whether I believe you belief is wrong. So long as you come to me with good intentions, I will accept any prayer to who ever. Well, so long as it isn’t Satan. LOL. I think most faiths and beliefs still lead to the same God. Just God by a different name. Except Satan.

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It wasn’t said in the video. It was in the comments below it.

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