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If I get a Mac mini can I plug it into a dell screen and keyboard?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) August 18th, 2008

If I buy a mac mini can I bring it into school and unplug the horrid dell and plug my mini mac into the dell screen and keyboard.

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So long as your keyboard and mouse is USB, it’ll work fine. You may need to get an adapter for the screen depending on whether it’s VGA or DVI..

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Also, you may not have the eject button standard on Apple keyboards. I think there’s an online plug-in or something to help with that, but otherwise, you can just drag your cd/dvd to the trash to eject.

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Apple keyboards are oh-so-nice. Invest $50 in one of these bad boys and enjoy typing with the correct keys the way it was meant to be.

I think your idea here is a neat and cost-effective way to migrate to Mac. Congrats!

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Yes you can, no problem :)
However i agree with the apple keyboard, but it’s no hurry.

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Thanks, also just as a side Q is it possible to run the mac mini using a dell laptop. Would that be complicated?

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what do you mean run the mac mini? use the trackpad, keyboard and monitor from the dell, or run OS X on your dell?

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Eh? What?

Do you mean you want to a VNC client on your Dell laptop to gain remote access to your Mac Mini? If so, yes, you can indeed do that.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried the following:

Here’s an idea: the MacBook Air install disks come with software to allow the Air to use the DVD or CD drives of other Macs or PCs on your network (since the Air doesn’t have one built in).

Now, if you can get that same software installed on your Mini (and the remote pieces installed on your PC), then you’d be able to not only control your Mini from your PC, but also load disks on your PC and have your Mini see them. You could then tuck the Mini away up in a closet or otherwise out of sight.

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