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What do you call a person who takes advantage of someone else as described in the details?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) July 9th, 2018

What do you call a person who takes advantage of someone else’s lack of knowledge/awareness, innocence, weakness (but not physical weakness), naivete, or confusion?
What about a person who takes advantage of someone who is in a hurry, needs to make a quick decision, and might not be thinking clearly?
The nastier the word, the better, please, without being pornographic.

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an evil opportunist.

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A salesman?

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How about a parasitic opportunist???

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Predator, sleaze bag

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Conniving exploiter or opportunist.

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A TV evangelist.

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@gorillapaws Yeah!!
The word “despicable” just came to me this morning, but I think that the recent series of movies have taken the edge off this word.
I like predator and parasite, and @ragingloli Ferengi is a wonderful answer.
@Patty_Melt “Family” is brilliant and unexpected. LOL!! Unfortunately, so often true.

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Oh, I came up with one more…
Thank you all for your suggestions. Keep ‘em coming.

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Using ability for personal gain

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I’ve got another one: Bandit.

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Asshole, why beat around the bush.

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