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How to get rid of the extra crotch space in guys' boxers?

Asked by JennWithOneN (365points) July 9th, 2018

i’m a girl, and i bought men’s boxers for the first time recently (i know i probably should’ve gotten women’s, but i couldn’t find any that i could try on before buying) and the extra space in the crotch looks VERY awkward, so i was wondering if there were any sewing techniques or special tricks i could use to get rid of it, or if i just have to find a tailor or something

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You’re wearing ones that are too big. Get into the “boys” section.

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There isn’t any extra space.

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Maybe you can find a guy and have him buy 6 women’s undies, then you can swap.

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Were these $50 boxers? If not go try a new pair on and find the right size. If so, find a seamstress.

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So…you tried them on and they looked VERY awkward, but you bought them anyway? Who’s going to see them?

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With women, my guess is that she looks awkward due to the garment she’s wearing over them.

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My guess is that the extra room is made for a penis and she doesn’t have one.

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Why don’t you grow a pair?

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@janbb shit what a burn i am sh00k

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They are made for men, who need space right there. It is healthy for them. Try buying some girls undies….they have boxers for girls.

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