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How much money do Supreme Court Judges make?

Asked by MooCows (3185points) July 9th, 2018

Always wanted to know this.

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Google says about 250K.

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Chief Justice Roberts makes $255,500 with the rest making $244,400. However, they are allowed to supplement their income. Eight out of the 9 are millionaires

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It’s much less than President’s salary of 400k..but that’s for limited period so understandable I guess.

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With or without the bribes?

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Bribes are extra!!! I’m now wondering which one hasn’t figured out how to become a millionaire???

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If you invest $100,000 or even $75,000 of your salary for 10 years you will be a millionaire pretty soon.

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That is an intense diet.

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They are entitled to receive their pay for life in order to keep them honest.

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^ I agree.

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