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A bit of advice?

Asked by Melody12234 (81points) July 10th, 2018 from iPhone

I have two guys currently that are into me… I like them both as well because they are great guys! But, problem is… I obviously can’t have both. I want to stay with the guy I am currently “semi – seeing” (I say that because we are not currently “official” we just go on occasional dates.) Let’s just call him Guy 1. Anyway, I am best friends with the other (Guy 2) but with our conversations recently, I can definitely say he is starting to think about the possibility of asking me out. I really think we could start something but I don’t want to… I guess you could say “leave” Guy 1. So, what should I say to Guy 2 in order to keep our “best friend” title with no hard feelings or just pure awkwardness whenever we see eachother? I don’t want our friendship like it is now to falter…

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I was in the exact same thing. Ruined my friendships with both when they became friends. I would be honest to both and see who stays with you. If Archie Andrews can date both betty and veronica then you could too. Just be honest that you aren’t ready for a committed relationship just yet. That would either put them off or encourage them to persue you. You could focus on work/school untill they get serious. Or you can give a relationship a chance and deside with more info. Whay would happen if you meet guy #3 or #4. I would give one relationship a chance one at a time and not cheat on a guy. I have infatuations that come and go. I would see how one plays out at a time.

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“Confide” in Guy 2 how much you like Guy 1 (he’s your friend right? That’s what friends do.), hopefully that will stop him from pursuing anything more than friendship with you. :) Good luck.

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WAit until you are sure Guy @ is coming on to you and then just be honest with the “I like you as a good friend only” line. He will either accept it or be hurt, you can’t control his reaction.

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Honesty is the best policy. Are you ready for a committed relationship? You can certainly date two or more guys with no strings attached or even implied. I think open and honest will be best for all. Good luck.

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