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What makes people take undue risks in life?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) July 11th, 2018

Here’s is a perfect example where this lady wanted to take pics with sharks. She’s fortunate enough to be alive and has her arm intact inspite of shark bites. Why people don’t see the danger to their lives before taking up such activities?

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Many people have the attitude that “it will never happen to me”!!! PLUS, many simply enjoy the rush of adrenaline they receive when in danger!!!

Also, many now seem to just want their 15 minutes of fame.

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They never saw Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street, What happens next?

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Misunderstanding risk is so common that there are MBA programs on how to avoid it.

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She’s a model. She thought it would make a good photoshoot but it was stupid. She says she would do it again which is even more stupid.

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Some people enjoy the heightened adrenaline of taking risks; living on the edge. Chacun a son gout.

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The young are convinced of their own immortality

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The challenge and the rush.

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young people suffer the illusion of invulnerability, which by the way, is one reason the army is so happy to see them.

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Some people are more genetically wired to take risks.

Some people are simply uninformed about how things work, and they just see things as potentially fun and/or interesting, so they don’t have the mindset to stop themselves.

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It is how humans learned to fly, to travel the immense oceans, to cook new recipes, style, trade relations, all come from risk taking, in varying degrees and types.

Sometimes a completely unexpected benefit comes from a seemingly useless risk.
Without risk takers we would still be eating raw meat, and having fruits, veggies, and herbs only when they are in season locally.

We have risk takers, because the DNA providers down through the ages survived by taking risks.

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Inability to recognise the risk.

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I agree with @Patty_Melt. Your example, is, of course, a case of silly risk, but life itself is risky and no progression that benefits us is undertaken without risk.

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The thrill of being on the razor’s edge!

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Because some of us want to live life without fear, but as we get older that sometimes decreases due to our own fear of aging, getting hurt. It’s one of the best feelings in the world when you get that adrenaline rush on the razor’s edge.

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Your question hinges on “undue.” We take risks all the time because there’s no other way to live. We just tend not to think of it that way when we get behind the wheel or board an elevator or make a major purchase or quit a job. If we did, we might be paralyzed.

But what’s an excessive risk compared with the possible gain? That seems to be a matter of how much the gain is worth to you. Some people would risk a big investment for the possibility of a large financial return, and others would prefer to hold onto what they have rather than taking a chance on losing it all. That’s more a matter of temperament and experience than anything else, it seems to me. Empires have risen and fallen on those differences.

If people want to take stupid risks, I’d say let ‘em (and give them a Darwin Award)—but for the fact that their rash behavior so often involves someone else, either by collateral damage or by all the trouble it takes to save them from the consequences of their poor choices.

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One person’s “undue” risk is another person’s reason to live. I take plenty of calculated risks like riding motorcycles but I don’t base jump off of buildings. I truly feel sorry for those who tiptoe through life only to safely arrive at death and at that point regret not doing certain things.

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For FB, Instagram, etc. boasting rights.
Had no camera been in the area she would not have done it. Nor would many daredevils we see.

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^^^ I agree.

I believe in living my life to the fullest; however, I really don’t see myself swimming with the sharks in order to not die with any regret. My regret would be not offering my love to someone who truly needed it!!! The sharks couldn’t see her beauty…they only saw lunch. I see a big difference between living life on the edge & being stupid!!!

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people were doing this stuff long before social media.

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The only people I ever heard of swimming with the sharks were in cages so the sharks couldn’t bite them &everybody labeled them as CRAZY!!!

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Some types of sharks like nurse sharks and whale sharks don’t usually attack people. My son has swum with whale sharks on a dive trip.

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My nephew just likened visiting my family as swimming with the sharks without a cage. :-)

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^^^I felt that way when I visited with my ex’s family!!!

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The prove our freedom.

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A lot of it depends on your outlook on life. I do things that make perfect sense to me, and I’ve had wonderful results. But my hubby’s family was horrified, and wanted me to turn around and follow their lead.

The way I see it, if you don’t like the outcome of your leaders’ way of life, DON’T follow them, because you will become just like them!

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I think we can all agree this woman’s idea of swimming with sharks was not a great idea. I wonder if she thinks so, Will she try to swim with them again? That will tell us more than anything else about her.

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Pfft. You take a risk every day driving your car. You only live once. Why not take risks? Where is the joy in being mundane?

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As far as risking life and limb, I think some people are wired in their brain to enjoy it. They seem to seek it. Many years ago I heard Joan Lunden talking about how she was a thrill seeker. I perceived what she said as being wrapped up in both having courage and also that she simply enjoyed the extreme events.

I’ve heard many people say when they jumped out of a plane (tandem with someone experienced) they leave from that with a feeling they can do anything.

I think some people who pursue extreme and risky things see it as facing their fears and overcoming, and some people really don’t have much fear about it to begin with. I don’t think it’s necessarily just one type of person.

Also, some people I think are probably passively suicidal. Like, if they die it’s ok.

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My husband used to race professionally, mostly motorcycles. He took hellacious chances out on those racetracks. Knowing my husband, he did it to prove his manliness. It’s an old primitive instinct, especially in men, to prove you’re better, stronger, faster and you deserves all the womens.

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of course, a real man just clubs her and drags her into his cave.

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My husband races cars, and I think for him it’s the thrill of going fast (I don’t have that need for speed gene) and feeling of pride doing it well. He raced cars, which probably has less risk than motorcycles. He did once say to me that he can’t think about the worst that could happen, because if he did he wouldn’t be able to do it. I think it’s his personality to be able to be very focused on one thing. Even on one part of the thing.

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Oh, winning is something to be proud of. I’m competitive and I love winning. But I don’t have the urge to put my life in danger doing it.

Hilarious…..he can race around a track at 150 mph on a motorcycle, but got terrified when we visited the revolving restaurant on the 35th floor of the Hyatt Regency in KC!

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Lol. My husband doesn’t like heights either.

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It was revolving. He said he’d feel better if he was the one driving it! Goofball!

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Many people are born with a psychological need for an adrenaline rush.
It is like a drug.
Some become addicted.
For some people, it’s the only way they feel ‘really alive’.

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