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What do holiday card makers do this time of year?

Asked by kingcantona (1points) August 18th, 2008

They’re not exactly raking in the dough right? I mean there won’t be another hallmark holiday for quite some time, what do they do?

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Write birthday cards. Everyday is someones birthday.

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I saw a display case for ‘Grandparents Day’, so, yeah, they’re really grasping for the wind.

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Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a baby, funerals… There’s a card for every occasion and that’s how they never go broke.

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I hear you schenectandy..I think the next big holiday is “Ex-grandma-in law day”.

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Back to school, mis you thank you, friends forever . . .

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Hallmark? Hurting? I don’t think so. Hallmark has a car for everthing. I’m almost certain of that….what about the stores…loaded with stuff.

Please…my animals even find a way to give me cards! I believe I got 3 from pet to owner cards, last year…all Hallmark.

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They make up new “holidays.”

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They spend all the money they’ve made the rest of the year!

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