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I need a good voice changer?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) August 18th, 2008

i must use it to prank my friend with it ill give you details if you must but i need a good online voice changer

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Up to no good huh…

Yes you must give us details.

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i play this game where you use this thing to talk to your team mates called ventrillo, and theres a couple girls who play it and whenever they come into the server my friend is in he acts different its soo funny, so i wanna see what he does when theres no one around

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Yeah, so that just confused me even more… I would suggest trying to google a voice changer, frizzer.

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You are talking about w.o.w. or whatever, right?

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uhh whats that haha

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The only time ive ever heard someone talk about ventrillo was when they talked about chatting in wow.

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Eambos means World of Warcraft.

Jamzzy, from personal experience I will tell you that playing tricks on friends on the internet via false names usually ends badly. It seems funny and harmless, but can be pretty hurtful.

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Ask John Powell. I think he is honing a special technique that involves punching of…a….oh nevermind

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GarageBand works nicely if you have a Mac.

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im checking all of them out thanks guys

and trumi i know how im real life so its cool =]

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