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Do you like or dislike your job?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 18th, 2008

If you dislike your job, will you stay or will you leave it?

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I can’t complain, but it is just temporary. It is like being a day laborer, only classier.

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Love my freelance designer job. Hate my boring desk job as a design consultant/framework designer. And I will probably quit my desk job once my freelance career picks up a little bit

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Love it most of the time.

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i’m holding on until i hate it. i learn so much but live so little

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Some days I like it, some days I don’t. But…
I certainly wouldn’t just leave. I would wait it out, until I found another job….bills to pay and no one is going to pay them for me! If, I was very unhappy I would definately, start looking for a better job opportunity.
Everyones job has an effect on ones health & mentality…my health and mentality is one of the most important things to me in my life. I only get one body, so I take care of it. That means working out the things that are negatively affecting me and doing my best to change what I can.
I wouldn’t want what is affecting me negatively in my job/career to spill over into my personal life, that isn’t fair to the people I love and associate with.
If I definately hated my job – I would definately take action to find another job, but I wouldn’t just up and leave.

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I quit a boring job I nearly hated for a job I love. Trade off: schedule. Pay off: not being miserable 40 hours a week, watching the clock

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its weird…I never want to go, but once I’m there…everything seems just fine and I enjoy myself.

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Liked, past tense. Yesterday was my last day. :(

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I have 2 jobs and they both have action figures. Kids dress up as me on Halloween. I am the coolest thing walking to my 12yo son and 9yo daughter…I LOVE my jobs!!!

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Depends on the day. It’s not a job for life, but I’m not in a rush to move on either.

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I love my job but hate the other employees, they are huge gossip mules and are outrageously negative towards everything and everyone and my superior is the same. Also they’re extremly nosy and does not respect anyones privacy as if they have a right to know your personal business. I have anxiety attacks every year when it’s time to go back there.

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I love it, just like that!

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@jholler What do you do?

I like my job, except for the smarsh. Hate that with a passion.

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I’m a fulltime firefighter, and a soldier in the national guard.

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Oh, so that’s what the kids like to wear on halloween! Thanks! And thanks for your service to our country.

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like it most the time

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I’m sure I would love it if I could find one! I’ve been out of work since late August.

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