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I met my best friend n 2nd grade and we have been friends 4 8 years so I guess school :)

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I met my best friend freshman year of high school through theatre stuff and we’ve been friends for 10 years now!

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I don’t know… We just liked hanging out so hey, it works.

A 48 year friendship? Not bad, kristen.

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I have two: My oldest, best friend I met when I was the last person to babysit her, when I was 13, and she was 11. We became lifelong friends, and though we don’t see each other much these days (almost 30 years later!), each of us would drop everything to help the other in a crisis, or celebrate a milestone. I met the other when I was 21 and we became next door neighbors, in the a new neighborhood where we were all first-time homebuyers. We had a nodding aquantaince for quite some time, but didn’t become real friends till I stayed later than everyone else to help her clean up after a party. We talked for hours, and have been fast friends ever since.

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I don’t have just one. I met one at my first real job after college. I loved her dry wit and intelligence. Gailcalled reminds me of her.

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She’s 16 :p

I met my best friend in 5th grade, we’ve been cool ever since.

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I met my best friend through my twin brother. and now my brother no longer speaks to him and he and I are going on 25 years of friendship.

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@crunch A joke about using a number in lieu of a word. It annoys me to no end.

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In 1st grade. We’re now 22.

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1st grade!

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I fell in love and married her.

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Ok, I’m a little nonplussed. I didn’t ask what age people met. I wanted to know how you met, as in: could you describe the circumstances, please. Again, sorry if I didn’t make that clear. Forgive me, for I don’t really understand how you do things around here. I’m used to people providing a bit more story and detail when they answer questions.

If it’s first grade, what were you doing? Why did you like each other? I know this is difficult to remember, but if you have a feeling about that, please go with it. If you fell in love, surely there’s a story there about what attracted you to each other.

Again, I don’t mean to insult anyone. I’m sure it’s my fault in the way I asked. Any advice on how to get more effulgent answers would be appreciated.

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We met on the neighborhood playground, but it wasn’t until we met on the bus, going to the kiddie’s disco, that we started hanging out. We were 10 and 11 at the time. We’re still very good friends (22 years later), but live in different countries.

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I can’t remember how my best local friend and I met. We’ve known each other for as long as I can remember. We were in scouts together and sat together on the bus every morning all through elementary school. We didn’t become BEST friends until middle school, though. And I can’t remember why… We just got closer naturally, I guess.

My bestbest friend and I met online. I think I’d written a story that someone recommended to her. She commented on it and we struck up a conversation. We clicked instantly and now four years later I’m not sure what the hell I ever did without her. I swear someday we’re going to end up married because we already take care of each other like a couple and we just don’t like other people enough to get into romantic relationships.

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Our common denominator was girls. We were both 15 years old and members of different crosstown chapters of the same youth organization and we both happened to particularly like the girls of one specific girls chapter, geographically situated between us. If we weren’t attending a social event with another girls chapter, you would find us both hanging out with the same group of girls. We had lots in common and became quick friends. Over the years we would share an apartment, buy identical motorcycles, take vacations together, share lots of adventures and help each other through some rough times. He got my foot in the door at the corporation we both worked at and our friendship even survived the period when I became his boss, having been promoted from a different department to a position for which he felt he had the best qualifications. I saw him just a few weeks ago for dinner and a visit and we reminisced about our friendship of nearly forty years.

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We had social studies together in the 6th grade. Her assigned seat was right next to the boy I had a crush on, so I would always suggest we work together on projects (so I could be near the boy.) Well, the crush didn’t last, but our friendship did. She’s like a sister to me now.

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He was friends with one of my friends- they went out but only for like a day. She introduced us over the internet and we got talking. I worked up the courage to ask to see him in person and we ended up ‘going out’ for 6 months, though the most we ever did was hold hands so really that time was spent becoming close friends.

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I met my best friend seventeen years ago when I took a job working for him. Tomorrow is our fifteenth wedding anniversary. He is still my best friend!

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My siblings are my best friends, but as far as someone I’m not related to… My best friend Renee and I met in high school. We both were on the Newspaper staff together and I absolutely HATED her. I was a senior and she was a junior. I absolutely hated high school and they were the type of people that loved it.

We ended up going on a weekend-long field trip with our Newspaper staff and my friend and I got roomed with her and her friend. I thought it was my worst nightmare, but we ended up really hitting it off once we got past all the stereotypes. We started hanging out almost every day after that and have been for 6 years now.

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We were neighbors, I used to hate him, until we played soccer together :)

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We worked in the same place. He was in the process of transferring into my department, so I was not aware of him yet, but he knew who I was. We both happened to be in the elevator one day, and as he was getting off, he turned and congratulated me on the birth of my daughter. Barely got a chance to say thanks.
Then when he joined the department, we learned pretty quickly that we shared the same taste in film, the same sense of humor, etc. We started checking in every morning when he’d go for a muffin, I for some coffee. We understand each other well, I think, because he’s a Pisces and I’m a Cancer, so when we talk about heavy stuff, we’re approaching from similar angles.
We complement each other well, though; he’s really good at figuring out who owes what when we split the tab, and I’m good at knowing what kind of mood he’s in. He’s ‘too friendly’ and I’m kinda crabby and introverted. I can’t stand being late, and he’s going to be late for his own funeral. When I got divorced, he managed to locate a truck and helped me move—now that is friendship! LOL
He wound up being godfather to my daughter; she thinks we’re crazy.

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Now that’s what I’m talking about! I’ve been handing out BAs right and left! Thank you! Thank you!

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BA’s? wut?

Bad Answers?

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My best friend has held that title for 30+ years. We met in our old neighborhood riding the bus to junior high and have seen each other through college, marriage(s), divorce(s), affairs, motherhood, illness, death, turning 30, 40 and so on. Every year we take a vacation together and it’s non-stop laughter the whole time. Our first vaca was a roadtrip to San Francisco spring break of our senior year in high school. Our last was Maui this February. For the first time since high school, we will be living in close proximity to each other and I’m wondering how this will change the friendship.

It’s great to have one person in your life who knows all your secrets, can pretty much handle any hard truths you need to tell, the one you call when the mammogram comes back scary etc. I envy those of you happily married to your BF.

For those who met your BF early in your life and stayed in touch, have the dynamics of your relationship changed or do you still relate the way you did when you were kids?

Great question!

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We survived eighth grade chorus together. The singing part was fine, but the choral director was a nightmare! That was 1977 and she is still my best friend. :)
(Do I get a longevity award?)

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My first memory of my best friend is from early elementary school, but our families knew each other and we are the same age, so we must have met earlier. My grandmother was his mother’s high school English teacher and later both our mothers taught at the same schools. We always hung out together after school (waiting for our moms) and then continued to do so in high school. We went to different colleges, but then both moved to New York at the same time, living together off and on. He’s since moved back to Texas, but we’re still as close as ever.
The great thing about our friendship is how we’ve shaped each other’s lives. My love of tennis comes from him, he in turn knows more about art than he ever thought possible because of me.
We’ve been best friends for over 30 years. We jokingly say that it’s the longest relationship either of will ever have in our lives, but it’s true also.

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Friend #1— We met in 8th grade through a mutual friend. We have pretty much everything in common. Since then, said mutual friend has fallen out of the picture, but I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to one of my best friends.
Friend #2— Also 8th grade, she sat in front of me in history. We cheated off of each others homework and shared answers on exams. Been getting into trouble together ever since.

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I can’t remember meeting my best friend. I was three, and she was an infant. We were inseperable while growing up. No matter how much time goes in between our talks or visits, it’s just as if we saw each other yesterday. Growing up in a famiily of boys, I think of her as my only sister.

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My story is different because I’ve only known my best friend for a couple of years, but it’s as if we’ve known each other forever. We were already adults when we met.

A friend invited me on a short road trip to see the So You Think You Can Dance Tour with some of her pals. He came along. Strangely, we didn’t speak to each other much on the trip. Even months later, we’d only chatted occasionally, in passing.

I really have no idea how it happened, but eventually we were spending every day with each other. People think we’re dating, but there’s no romance there.

It’s bizarre how close we are. And it’s quite awesome.

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I have been blessed with having 3 best friends.

#1—I met him while I was working at Marshalls. We were both in high school. One day I went to work and I was crying because my brother and his family had left that morning and moved to California. We started talking. I loved his sense of humor, his sarcasim and his tenderness. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. We have been best friends ever since. I also married him 13 years ago.

#2-I met her on my honeymoon in Italy 13 years ago. She was on on our tour bus. She was vacationing with her cousin. I over heard her conversation with someone and I looked at my husband and said that girl is from Argentina. He asked how I knew that and I told him I recognized the accent. He looked over at her and asked her. Of course she said yes and he told her that I was from Argentina as well. We started talking and that was the beginning of our friendship. We talk everyday and see each other once a month.

#3— Is only 6 years old. She is my daughter. We are glued to the hip. We have such a great time together. I love her sense of humor, her beautiful heart and the way she just loves family and life. I hope this never changes.

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