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Have you seen the blurb/trailer of a movie coming out called Death of a Nation? Comparing Lincoln to Trump and the Democrats of today to the Democrats in Lincoln’s time?

Asked by JLeslie (56267points) July 15th, 2018 from iPhone

Here is a link:

What do you think about it? It’s terrifying to me.

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Makes me wish you would start with a wall on your northern border first.

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This is Dinesh D’Souza (a racist, right-wing Republican troll). He’s really not worth anyone’s time. This is not material to be dissected and debated. His audience is immune to that.

Here’s an example of his horseshit:

“Nazi stands for National Socialist. If you’re not a socialist, you can’t be a Nazi. All Nazis are by definition on the political left”

This is the kind of post-lobotomy reasoning that leads us to the conclusion that nurse sharks work in hospitals.

Ignoring this type of trolling is probably the most appropriate thing to do.

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^^I wasn’t really thinking about debating it so much as wanting to know just how widespread the audience is for this. I’m assuming it’s coming to a theatre near me, I just saw the trailer in the theatre while waiting for The Catcher was a Spy.

I do know people who boast about Lincoln being a Republican. That’s not really a very fringe thing.

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wanting to know just how widespread the audience is for this

It’s the same small audience that goes for things like the recent Ayn Rand movies, Hillary: The Movie, and An American Carol

Probably you’ve heard of none of them because they’re bad and only appeal to rabid conservatives. They’re made as ideological diatribes whose goal is hitting you over the head with their themes instead of entertaining.

Hilarious that Hillary: The Movie was the subject of a extremely important and notorious Supreme Court case (Citizens United) and STILL virtually nobody knows about it.

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Hillary played here, so I am familiar with that one. Definitely some people around me watched it.

Edit: i think I was thinking of a different Hillary movie. If this is the movie you meant, it hit top ten when it was out.

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