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How would you freeze salmon cakes?

Asked by janbb (53601points) July 15th, 2018

Would you cook them first or can you freeze then uncooked? I made them from scratch.

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I have made and frozen them in the past. I cooked them first, it worked fine.

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How about a recipe?

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I’d cook them first.

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@Jeruba Two cans of wild caught salmon cleaned and flaked, ½ cup cracker crumbs, two beaten eggs, salt and pepper. I add some chopped onions too. Mix together and form into small cakes. Fry in some shallow melted butter.

The ones I cooked for supper were delicious, just a little too salty. (I added a little more salt than the half teaspoon in the recipe; probably a scant half teaspoon would be best.)

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I Googled and one site said you can freeze them unbaked which I am going to try. I think they’ll taste fresher when cooked after defrosting.

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That would save some work as well. I’d only ever frozen them cooked, but I like the idea of freezing them uncooked better.

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Yes. It said to freeze them flat on a tray, then wrap them individually in plastic and then in a container or freezer bag. I think it will work.

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Coming over to help you test the theory.

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I think I would cook them first, then either bake, or pan fry them to reheat them.

I think it might be a little sketchy to thaw out raw salmon cakes, which I think you would need to do first, before cooking them. I don’t know if they would bake or pan fry easily if they weren’t thawed first (unlike commercial flash freezing, which doesn’t create ice crystals in the same way as just freezing them in a home freezer).

If they are cooked before you freeze them, there isn’t as much time needed to bring them back to temp, because you aren’t also having to cook them.

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Even though I said I’d cook them first, it’s worth noting canned salmon is already fully cooked. If you use pasteurized eggs, the croquettes don’t even need to be cooked to be safe to eat. If you freeze them before baking or sautéing it’s not really that big of a deal I guess. It could go either way.

I think if you cook them first you can just simply microwave to heat them up. If you freeze them before cooking you’ll have to be willing to cook to eat them. Meaning, willing to get a pan dirty, spend the time, and deal with the cleanup.

From the standpoint of laziness, I’d rather cook them all at once, tonight, eat two, and freeze the rest.

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Well, I’ve already decided to freeze them uncooked as written above. Will report back if I remember.

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Since I cook them by sauteing in butter, I think they’ll taste much better freshly cooked.

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I have no doubt they will taste better freshly sautéed.

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