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If you could replace the cast of any movie with The Muppets but retain one actor from the original,what would be the film & which actor keeps their role?

Asked by ucme (46226points) July 15th, 2018

Just that!

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Rambo, first blood part II. Sylvester Stallone keeps his role.
Alien, Harry Dean Stanton keeps his role.
Start Trek II the Wrath of Khan, Ricardo Montalban keeps his role.

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Beaker to replace the terminator.

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This is an amazing question lol.

I would choose The Godfather:

Marlon Brando – Vito Corleone
Kermit – Michael Corleone
Miss Piggy – Kay Adams
Gonzo – Sonny Carleone
Sam Eagle – Tom Hagen
Rizzo the Rat – Fredo Corleone
Statler – Salvatore Tessio
Waldorf – Captain Mark McCluskey
Fozzie Bear – Peter Clemenza
Pepe – Carlo Rizzi

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Just for fun let’s say any Bond film and keep the Bond actor. Could he keep a straight face and take it “seriously”.

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The original Star Wars. Mark Hamill would remain.

Piggy would be Leia

Fozzy Bear would be Yoda (and the voice would be exactly the same)

Han would be Kermit

Chewy would be Sweetums

Darth Vader would be The Count

Beaker is C3PO

The Swedish Chef is R2D2.

Uncle Owen is Rowlf the dog

Aunt Beroo is Janice (from The Electric Mayhem Orchestra)

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Fistful of Dollars Eastwood could stay.

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Deliverance. Ned Beatty gets to keep his role so he can squeal.

Ned, Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo go on a canoe trip. They have an unfortunate encounter with two locals, Elmo and Animal.

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No! Keep Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator. Make all other characters beaker clones.

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For some reason, my head goes tragic war movie here….

I’m thinking Saving Private Ryan, keep Tom Hanks…

Apocalypse Now, keep Sheen…
(I would also be intrigued by a keep Brando, even if he’s only in the back of the movie.

I would be all in on a Full Metal Jacket, keep the drill sergeant. RIP…

I’m thinking Officer and a Gentleman, keeping RG.

Other genres.

I’m loving Up in Smoke, Keep Tommy Chong.

You know what? Reservoir Dogs. Keep Tim Roth, as he was a undercover…

Pulp Fiction. Keep S. A. Jackson.

Training Day. Keep Denzel… Kermit plays Ethan Hawk’s role…

Sweeney Todd, the musical. Keep Depp… At least it’s less embarrassing, if everyone else is a puppet…..

Oooo. Silence of the Lambs. Keep Hopkins only…

Scarface. Keep Pacino.

Eyes Wide Shut. Keep Nicole Kidman. Maybe add nude scenes of her (at that age….)

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127 Hours, keep James Franco.

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The Wrath of Khan, with William Shatner

Hmm, actually I could see two castings for Shatner – one as Kirk…

… and another film with the Pigs In Space crew in the place of the Enterprise, and Shatner as Khan.

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All Jaws movies. Take the shark out of it and replace it with Sesame Street muppets. Oscar the Grouch, or big Bird. But it its the regular muppet crew, than replace them with the swedish chef or the crab.
It would be way more amusing.

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The Passion of the Christ.
Everyone but jesus would be Kermit.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark…keep Harrison Ford

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All of the slasher/monster horror movies. Keep the monsters/killers.

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Some choice examples here, give yourselves a pat on the back…as the cow did to the sleeping farmer.

Basic Instinct, keep Sharon Stone (obviously) coz no one but Kermit wants to see Miss Piggy’s pork scratchings

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Con Air. Nicholas Cage can stay.

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