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Have you tried the fruit of the cashew?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13221points) July 15th, 2018

I was told that It was delicious, but doesn’t ship well. Also might be poisonous, but not sure. Is it worth investing in R&D to ship it to the world? Or could we process it into an entirely new product? Like cashew fruit juice?

The cashew fruit
The cashew fruit, or cashew apple, is actually the swollen fruit stalk of the cashew nut. Technically, it’s the nut that’s the fruit. This cashew ‘fruit’ (the stalk) is pear-shaped, between 5–11cm/2–4in long and its fragile skin turns red or yellow as both it and the nut ripen. Once ripe, cashew ‘fruit’ is sweet and juicy.

cashew fruit

Just my daily flight of fancy for today.

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Your question made me curious. Here is what I found:

Quite interesting actually. Thanks.

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Thanks! I had no idea!

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