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What is the closest hospital to Alma, New Brunswick, Canada?

Asked by Yellowdog (6042points) July 15th, 2018

As asked—anything closer than something in Moncton? How close is the nearest hospital?

My stupid Yahoo account only wants to show me New Brunswick, New Jersey maps of hospitals. I need Alma / Moncton.

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There is the Sussex Health Centre in Sussex (closest), Sackville Memorial in Sackville, but the big city hospital that is just as close is in St. John.

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Can I ask why you need to know this, @Yellowdog ??

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Nothing catastrophic

My first cousin’s stepdaughter (confusing enough already?) is 21, got a work visa, went to New Zealand under some program where she would stay with a family and get situated. After three moves and failure to gain employment (although she loves New Zealand and hates the U.S. because of violence) I encouraged her to give Canada a try.

She was going to Toronto (which is really too expensive at this point) but I encouraged her to go to either British Columbia (because its British and related to the Washington / Oregon part of the U.S. which she loves) or the Canadian Maritime, which I love.

I have been trying to go there myself, to the Canadian Maritime region, since I was 19 back in 1983 but that was never a realistic goal for me. Since she is going international anyway, I convinced her than Moncton (an opportunity there) would be where I would personally like to live.

I don’t know which is worse about where I live in Memphis, the violence or the oppressive, muggy, dogbreath/zoo-air fug that hoovers near 100 degrees for weeks straight,

Actually, I’d rather live in nearby Alma because its a fishing village with Tourism. Or Sydney in Cape Breton. If she moves there, I hope for a chance to explore the region next summer or later.

Though Moncton has plenty of hospitals, I am wanting to be closer to the coast. And due to the fact that I am 54 this summer, might want to be closer to a hospital or ER if I spend the rest of my life there.

I love Canada and I love all things nautical, I love the Appalachian mountains, and I need a colder climate. I hope to explore as far as Newfoundland but I don’t want Maine to be more than a day’s drive.

And I LOVE your country, @

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Gee thanks, but if you plan or your cousins stepdaughter plan to live here you have to apply to immigration or I guess you can return home to your country every six months, but if you do that I am not sure how health care up here would work for you, but you can find that out when you apply.

Oh and British Columbia because it’s British?? what does that mean??
I have lived here in BC since I was 10 years old, and don’t know what you mean by that.

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C’mon, @Squeeky2 —you’ve known me since Askville days. Victoria. B.C. Canada—you can’t get more British than that.

Only London, in England itself is more British than Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. And its not even artificial. Its authentic from its Colonial past. Victoria, capital of British Columbia, sits on the craggy southern end of Vancouver Island. With abundant parkland, it’s known for outdoor activities. The city’s British colonial past shows in its Victorian architecture, including stately Craigdarroch Castle mansion. Butchart Gardens, with 55 acres of vivid floral displays, plus statuary, water features and a carousel, is one of many formal gardens in the city.

Victoria is a thriving city of heritage architecture and time-honored traditions like afternoon tea. With the ocean at its doorstep and wilderness in its backyard, it’s also a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. You can find everything from a world-class science and natural history museum to a blooming public park where peacocks roam freely, plus a range of unique shops, cafes and restaurants. And more cycling routes than any other Canadian city, providing a great way to explore the scenery.

My cousin’s stepdaughter (sounds awkward, considering my cousin is deceased and she was adopted by another relative) has everything ready including a work visa. Plans to have dual citizenship for a while.

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