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What do you recommend as the slogan for the next contenders for President of the United States?

Asked by chyna (42374points) July 16th, 2018

It doesn’t matter if they are democrat, republican, white, black, man or woman. It can be made up or one you have already heard.
I like: Proud to be American again.

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“I’m not Donald Trump”

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Like Melania almost certainly knows…Trump always comes first

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“No corporate donations.”

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Rush B! Cyka Blyat!

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edit redacted.

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Douchebag-Free Zone

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“I am a life-long Boy/Girl Scout. Are you with me?”

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You get to vote, and you get to vote, and you get to vote!”

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It’s not about’s about You!

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One small step for man is one GIANT leap for mankind!!!

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~HOPE you have some spare CHANGE after we go broke ~miss spending your tax money.~

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Make America America Again

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“Do you want Total War?!”

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I used to run StarBucks.

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GREATER Than Great!!!

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Springtime for Socialism and Hate

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Anything but Trump.

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Corporations are not people, Money is not speech.

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Iam the voice of reason.

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God Damn America God Damn America and God Damn America

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@Inspired_2write this would be good except it is too close to Trumps own second term slogan: “I am the voice of treason”. It could cause some confusion.

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“Nobody can match the past eight years with Trump, but I’ll sure as hell try.”

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Oops, @Patty_Melt, a slight typo, I think.
You accidentally wrote eight, instead of three….~

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((hugs)) for voicing your opposing view without venom.

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United States united.

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@Patty_Melt Yeah, there should always stay room for a bit humor, I feel.
Great that you took it as that!

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It does feel like eight years already.

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It WILL be eight years by the time of the next president, well, minus the past year and a half.

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^I hope not!

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