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What is the new word you learnt lately in a comment section or in Fluther? See Detail.

Asked by flo (11237points) July 16th, 2018

Is there a thread in Fluther where a couple of people were sniping at each other, and, in which you found a new to you/or rarely used word? I’m not sure if I saw (the new to me) word, in the comment section under a newspaper article or in Fluther. The word has the letters s, r, e, n, p maybe o, ...

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I do remember seeing one lately, and like you, I have since forgotten what it was.

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New to me, and I learned it yesterday, was “nuclear family”.
I always, wrongly I suppose, assumed you English speakers could sense which kind of family was meant when talking about one (extended or nuclear).

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The word person has all those letters. So does openers.

Some context would help us. ”...a thread in Fluther where a couple of people were sniping at each other doesn’t narrow things down very much.

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@zenvelo Not playing Words with Friends with you! The OP also said that it could be from the comments in a newspaper article so the haystack is even higher.

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I was hoping some people would have it at the top of their minds. (what word they’ve come across a new word in either Fluther or a comment section of a newspaper. As many comments under a newspaper and Fluther posts as there are it’s highly unlikely one can come across more than one new word per many years, I’m thinking because these are not technical texts.
@Zaku maybe you’ll come across it soon again, if someone refers to the word.

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