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What order do you turn to Fluther when compared with other sources?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) July 16th, 2018

Like Google , family and friends and other Q & A sites, books?

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My main source is MY life!!! I spent most of my adult life experiencing anything that wasn’t too dangerous or illegal. In the process, I’ve learned a LOT of things the HARD way which, in my opinion, is the ONLY way to learn!!! I’m a member of one site where I earn points for various activities & doing a Search earns me points. On top of the points thingy, they use a combination of Google, Yahoo, & Bing for the results; so, by doing my one search, I get the benefit of the top classified results from all 3 of the major search engines. I find it to be much more efficient than just using ONLY one of the search engines!!!

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Second to last. Last being a wild guess.

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It depends on the subject…

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I don’t depend on Fluther for my knowledge; however, I do get some great ideas here that I would have NEVER considered before & some that enhance my horizons!!! Even ideas with which I don’t agree gives me food for thought!!!

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Nowadays? Dead last.

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Fluther isn’t a source, or even a resource. It is fun in its own way, but so are the Letters to the Editir of a local newspaper.

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@yesitszen Yupper doodles
Stupid Wild A** Guess

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@tropicana are you saying i haz swag?

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“U” swagger !

You R the Zen.

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lol @tropical popsicle.

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It actually depends on the issue. I know there are some Jellies whose computer knowledge I respect, so I often ask technology questions here first. There are a few good grammarians so I might ask those questions here too. I knew there were people on here who had lived in Seattle so I asked that Q here. But the pool of experts has sadly dwindled.

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