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Do you consider equality issues the same as political issues?

Asked by rockfan (9400points) July 17th, 2018 from iPhone

I listen to a podcast about movie news and the host explicitly says that he avoids talking about politics on his channel. However, he makes the argument that talking about equality is a human decency issue, not a political one. So sometimes he talks about gender equality, racism, feminism, etc. Your thoughts? Do you think this makes sense?

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It depends on how broadly you define “politics.” If you think that politics is only about the governance of states, then equality goes beyond politics. If you think that politics is involved wherever group dynamics are at play, then equality is always a political matter.

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Yes. Human rights is beyond politics.

Those who equate human diginity with politics view it as something that can be negotiated.

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To a certain extent, yes. But equality issues can’t be voted on, and aren’t, usually.

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Individuals, tribes, clans, neighbors, all people in whatever groups have issues important to them.
When enough people share the same opinion on a matter, it becomes a political selling point.
That an issue becomes political does not erase it from the relevance of being a social concern.

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I think it is. Trying to argue that we should take equality out of politics is to me a push for inequality.

Politics and laws are intertwined, Congress creates legislation, and part of the reason for laws is to protect those who can least protect themselves.

Fairness in society is crucial, and you can’t simply leave it up to the people or the majority. We’ve proven that the majority sometimes does the wrong thing.

I do think sometimes the politics goes overboard, but the other extreme can cause great harm.

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@JLeslie You don’t have to think that we should take equality out of politics to think that it isn’t the same as politics. As I mentioned before, one way would be to think that equality goes beyond politics (which means that it’s not just a political issue, and thus could still be a valid topic of discussion even if you’ve taken all purely political issues off the table).

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@SavoirFaire I agree with your point that equality is beyond politics, it is not just a political issue. However, it still is a political issue. I’m not sure if the OP was trying to completely equate politics and equality like they are synonymous? I don’t think they are synonymous, I think equality is an issue within the umbrella of politics. Though, if we were completely equal then equality issues would disappear from the political arena. It would never happen. We will never have total equality, so it will be a constant issue until the end of time most likely. Equality is not just about race, religion, ethnicity, it’s about social class too.

Similarly, I think people have a right to health care, I think it’s closer to a human right than a political issue, but it is a political issue, because the cost affects society.

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